Swissborg is Changing Wealth Management with Blockchain Tech

SwissBorg, based in Switzerland, is a WealthTech DAO aiming to change the way wealth management looks by offering cryptocurrency investment solutions backed by Swiss financial expertise to the world with a team of over 100 combined years of investment experience. Their ICO, active now, provides an accessible opportunity to manage a portfolio of crypto- assets through investment platform based on blockchain technology. Their Proof-of-Meritocracy smart contract system ensures there will be an active method for the community to influence the way the network will be developed.

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SwissBorg wants to revolutionize wealth management services with a community-centric approach powered by blockchain technology.  Their ICO is active now, offering investors the chance to acquire the CHSB or SwissBorg network token. It is through this process of tokenization that anyone, be they individuals, DAOs, investment managers, or financial advisors, will be able to access the SwissBorg wealth management ecosystem and its portfolio system for managing of crypto-assets.

Based on the ERC-20 Ethereum standard, and therefore storable on any ERC-20 address, the CHSB is a multi-utility token used to participate in the SwissBorg. It is available at the rate of 1 CHSB to 0.10 CHF (Swiss Francs). Cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTH, and XRP are also accepted at current exchange rates. The token itself will be exchanged tradable in Q1 2018.

Through its crypto wealth management platform and after having requested and received regulatory financial licenses, SwissBorg eventually aims to improve the accessibility of crypto hedge funds strategies to a larger audience with the issuance of the CSB Token, a token hedge fund. The CSB is to be hedged in a variety of areas through investment strategies such as ICOs and pre-ICOs, systematic trading, and arbitrage.

Another boasted feature of the platform will be the RSB or referendum token. This will be a token that will be generated every time a referendum is held at a rate of 1 RSB for each CHSB an investor possesses. Any wallet will be able to participate. To negate the possibility of double voting, a snapshot of the blockchain is done at the time of distribution to verify. RSB will provide a secure voting platform for each referendum held and will offer a direct ETH or token reward for each vote applied. It will not cost CHSB to vote.

SwissBorg, positioning themselves as a bridge between off-chain and on-chain worlds, seek to provide an investment solution that suits both. The ICO is live now with a 50M CHF cap and has received 11M in funding already. The ICO ends at the latest on January 10th, 2018.

More information is available at the SwissBorg homepage and information on the CHSB token here. Also, read the white paper for a detailed description.

Update: The ICO is now over and the team has raised CHF 50 Million.