SWC Poker, Back and Better than ever

SWC Poker, launched in late February, 2015, is the newest up and coming gambling site to enter the bitcoin poker industry. SWC has already become one of the largest poker operations, averaging a couple hundred players online at any given time. For a site that has only operated for a month, this is an impressive accomplishment. The immediate success of SWC, however, is a minuscule achievement in comparison to the story behind how SWC Poker came to be.

Micon, the owner of SWC, is also one of the key figures of Seals With Clubs. Well, he was apart of Seals With Clubs, up until just last month, when the website was shut down. Launched in 2011, Seals With Clubs was one of the first bitcoin gambling operations, and over the years they had established themselves as the largest and most respected poker site among the community.

February 11, 2015 was the day Seals shut down. Micon, a Las Vegas resident, was raided by 10 armed men, warranted by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Micon was escorted out of his home while the gunmen confiscated most of his technology.

Most people would have nothing to do with the industry after such an event. In fact, that’s what the team behind Seals did. After hearing the news of what happened to Micon, many people behind the website quit. They wanted nothing to do with the popular poker site, as they feared they would become victim to a similar situation in the near future. In the following days, only a few Seals operators remained.

Immediately after the shut down, Micon went back to work. He packed his belongings, took his family, and moved to Antigua. A small island in the Caribbean, Micon chose this destination because he feels he can operate his new poker company without fear of government officials shutting down his legal business. From there, Micon gathered the devoted team members who stayed, hired several new recruits. Micon had assembled a new team to assist him, and went to work.

Just nine days after Seals With Clubs was shut down, SWC was released. More than just a copy of the old website, SWC unveiled a new layout along with upgraded poker software. SWC Poker also launched with several new poker games that were not available on Seals. Among draw, stud, and mixed games, was the widely popular Open Face Chinese poker, which is currently one of the most popular games on the site, second only to no limit hold ’em.

Within the first hours of release, SWC already surpassed 100 players online simultaneously. Low rake, flexible tables, generous GTD bonuses, and frequent free rolls are among the reasons why players choose to play on SWC Poker. For most players, however, its the people involved with the site. Micon is insanely dedicated to the improvement of his website. He works tirelessly to provide the best possible experience, and he has proven this passion through the recent events regarding him and his company.

The SWC client is being improved on daily, with updates several times a week. From here, the website can and will only continue to improve, until it is undoubtedly the top bitcoin poker experience in the world.

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