Swarm Announces The Releases of The Orange Paper Series

The Swarm team announced the release of a new project that aims to create a platform for the sharing, publishing and distribution of cutting-edge research papers about various aspects of Ethereum’s Technology and ecosystem. 

Members of the Swarm team announced the creation of a new project called The ΞTHΞЯSPHΞЯΞ orange paper series, a collaborative editing platform to create and publish research based on the Ethereum’s ecosystem. According to the team’s website:

The ΞTHΞЯSPHΞЯΞ orange paper series is an attempt to provide an umbrella for sharing and publishing cutting edge research about various aspects of the ethersphere. Our aim is to foster synergy between groups and individuals by creating a frictionless, collaborative editing platform with reputation, endorsement system based an ontology of skill categories, peer review, promototion, meme provenance tracking.

Swarm incentive system research papers. Call for peer review, proposals for improvement, criticism, encouragement and generic feedback. The team also released a new proof of concept of Swarm using the cutting-edge Ethereum’s Geth client version 1.5. This release signifies the accomplishment of a key milestone for the team as Swarm has now reached the Homestead version of Ethereum.

Swarm is a distributed storage platform and content distribution service based on the official Ethereum technology stack. Swarm is an official part of the Ethereum project and is mainly being developed by the homonymous foundation. Swarm allows the pooling of storage, bandwidth and computing resources to support projects or applications on top of the Ethereum network.

The team seeks to create a peer-to-peer storage and serving solution with zero downtimes, fault tolerance, and censorship resistance. Building an economic incentivization system inside Swarm will enable payments and transfer of value in exchange of resources. The project uses different protocols and technologies inside the Ethereum’s blockchain.

The new series of papers and PoC releases comes at a very good time as the Swarm team was severely underfunded and behind the schedule with the project for quite some time, Vitalik Buterin revealed on September 28 that the Ethereum’s foundation was facing budget constraints due to the declining value of bitcoin against the US dollar, the team had to take extreme austerity measures like cutting personnel, this meant that the Swarm project -which is a part of the official Ethereum Project- was to be put on hold. Fortunately, the foundation was able to secure its financial future and the Swarm’s team has resumed the development operations.

All in all this announcement is very positive for the Ethereum’s ecosystem, developers will have a new space for collaboration and research focused on Ethereum’s technology. The Swarm team released two extensive documents explaining the economic incentives behind Swarm and the protocols enabling the secure distribution of files and data across the network.

Image via Swarm’s Official Website

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