Supply Chain Challenges: Can You Get the Tech You Need?

Supply chain challenges such as a limited supply of desired gifts, shorter holiday shipping windows, and longer shipping times are hindering holiday shopping for many consumers.  Supply chain disruptions and costs are especially affecting the tech industry with prices rising as much as $50 per device and the top tech gifts like gaming consoles and computers expected to run out quickly.  Shipping containers from Asia in 2021 is costing 14 times more than what it did two years ago while cargo rates have risen 40% in just a couple of months.  The ongoing chip shortage is making electronics more expensive as the U.S. only makes up 12% of the global chip manufacturing industry.  The cost of chips is also anticipated to increase through 2022.  


Nonetheless, consumers can still get the tech they need this holiday season by investing in tech repairs instead of replacing their devices.  Tech repairs cut down on electronic waste and help circumvent the supply chain as more than 120 million used smartphones are available around the world.  Repairs can also save a family around $330 in tech costs while restoring devices to a like-new condition, adding up to 5 years to a gadget’s lifespan.  


Easy tune-ups can have old devices working almost like new in less than one day.  9.2% of tech repairs involve fixing the charging port, USB, or headphone jacks.  Upgrading a hard drive can improve both the storage and performance of devices while replacing the battery can help them last several more years.  These repairs can be done by the professionals at uBreakiFix by Asurion. uBreakiFix provides free diagnostics and a 90-day limited warranty while also bringing professional phone repair to customers.  With more than 740 locations in the U.S. and more than 13 million phones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles already repaired, you can depend on uBreakiFix for a hassle-free solution to your holiday tech worries.

Holiday Tech Shortages: Shopping Early Isn’t the Only Way to Win [infographic]