Superbloom Launches Syndicate Tools to Help Buyers Access Vetted Pre-Sales

SAN FRANCISCOMarch 28, 2018 — Superbloom, a global platform to facilitate the buying and selling of pre-sale cryptocurrency tokens, is releasing a set of tools to help syndicate leaders manage investment allocations, and give users the opportunity to take part in vetted Token Sales

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Built on the Stellar public blockchain, Superbloom offers a safe and secure way for both crypto-fluent and non-crypto-fluent members to access vetted Token Sales, and explore the ability to trade on crypto assets beyond the big four that currently dominate the market: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Litecoin.

Following the launch of the platform at the end of Q1, participants in Superbloom’s Token Sale (“Superbloom Members”) will receive SEED tokens. Members get access to the Superbloom platform along with a range of benefits, including early bird access to Token Sale opportunities and 5 percent pro-rata airdrops from the top pre-sales transacted on the Superbloom platform.

The Superbloom Token Sale is a credible, safe and secure way for investors to gain exposure to alternative digital currency. The platform is set to solve three key problem areas with the current alt-coin market: lack of access and identification of upcoming Token Sales, a lack of a standard for curating/vetting Token Sales, and overall market inefficiency. High volatility in cryptocurrencies are the result of these issues.

Superbloom’s platform solves these issues by heavily vetting and evaluating pre-sale Token Sales; Superbloom and its members perform due diligence to analyze the team, technology and token economics before facilitating a token sale.

“Last month, more blockchain companies raised capital through Token Sale pre-sales than public sales. But pre-sales are incredibly difficult to navigate. Our new syndication tools provide early access to vetted pre-sales. We’re democratizing access to research and pre-sales – it’s a game changer for cryptocurrency.” – Emmie Chang, CEO of Superbloom

Superbloom is currently focused on non-U.S. citizens and residents, however, the company will open up the platform to U.S. citizens and residents pending regulatory licenses which are expected to by mid-2018.

The Superbloom team is comprised of Y-Combinator Alumni, who have worked in venture capital and have technical experience building enterprise solutions for companies such as Google and Visa. Notable partners include founders of Bancor – Eyal Hertzog and Guy Benartz, plus Jed McCaleb and Boris Reznikov from The Stellar Foundation.

About Superbloom

Superbloom is the easy and secure way to buy, manage and trade tokens, starting with pre-sale vetted Token Sales. Buying into a Token Sale is often intimidating. Managing and trading tokens can be a security risk, and evaluating good projects is difficult. Superbloom’s San Francisco and Caymans-based team relies on a network of established syndicate leaders, fund managers, and intelligent cryptocurrency investors to provide its members with high-quality deals at great bonuses.

The Superbloom White Paper is available at:

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Superbloom: [email protected]

Press inquiries: [email protected]

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