Your Subreddit Usage Tells A Lot About Bitcoin Nodes

There seems to be an interesting correlation between the number of Bitcoin nodes in circulation and the amount of people using certain subreddits. It is no surprise most of the Bitcoin Core nodes belong to people who use /r/Bitcoin quite often. But how to these statistics hold up for other types of nodes and Bitcoin subreddits?

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Bitcoin Subreddit Affects Node Choice

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It goes without saying that most people who visit /r/Bitcoin will hardly ever look past the option of Bitcoin Core as far as software choices go. Most discussions about other Bitcoin software options are censored and deleted by moderators, which is not exactly creating a healthy competitive ecosystem.

That being said, Bitcoin Core is the most common wallet solution for computer users all over the world, as it is the main branch of Bitcoin development. With slightly over one in three Bitcoin Nodes running the Bitcoin Core client, there is a healthy support for this main branch of development. Keeping in mind how 72.41% of all Bitcoin subreddit users originate from /r/Bitcoin, it is not hard to see where the preference is coming from.

Alternative Bitcoin software solutions face a similar fate. Bitcoin Classic, which is the main contender to Bitcoin Core right now, represents close to 17% of all bitcoin nodes. Interestingly enough, 20.92% of Bitcoin Reddit users find their home at /r/BTC, which is far more open towards discussions about different approaches to solving the ongoing block size debate.

Bitcoin XT has been losing a lot of ground ever since turncoat Mike Hearn left the Bitcoin ecosystem and went to work on private blockchains for the banks. With only 2.2% of all Bitcoin Nodes supporting Bitcoin XT right now, and 2.07% hailing from /r/BitcoinXT, support is slowly but surely dwindling.

Bitcoin Unlimited (1.11% of nodes) and Bitcore (1.15% of nodes) are slowly overtaking Bitcoin XT in the ranks. Both solutions seem to gain a lot of support from /r/Bitcoin_Unlimited and /r/Bitcoin_Classic. Last but not least, there is “other” and btcd, which combines for an additional 1.94% of Bitcoin nodes. By the look of things, /r/Bitcoin_uncensored seems to be where most of these Bitcoin Nodes are coming from.

In the end, it seems like the type of Bitcoin Nodes people run is partially influenced by the Bitcoin subreddits they use. It is clear that Bitcoin Core is the still the undisputed king of the hill, although the Bitcoin Classic Nodes are on the rise. It will be interesting to see how these numbers keep evolving over the next few weeks.

Source: CoinDance

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