Streamex’s Platform Addresses Current Needs of Traders, the Focused Crypto Exchange That Democratizes Trading

Minneapolis, MN March 22nd: The cryptocurrency-based trading platform is at the forefront of a milestone. Streamex is looking to disrupt the crypto-trading field by offering a superior world class product. Streamex has a secure, reliable, robust and comprehensive service that is the first of its kind.

“Current crypto-exchange platforms offer little to no groundbreaking features and rarely does a platform entice the market with new functionalities. Streamex changes that. Streamex launches an ICO to include the world in an opportunity to implement substantial changes to the crypto-exchange market.”

A large percentage of the cryptocurrency market can rarely address different levels of experience between the users. Streamex addresses this gap by creating a bridge between inexperience traders and trading gurus. The service contains many innovative features:

  • Social trading
  • Trade alerts
  • Streamfolio – a native iOS and Android application
  • Gamification and leaderboards
  • Reliable support including online chat
  • Fiat to crypto trading, deposits and withdrawals

Once you start social trading on this fantastic cryptocurrency-based space, members can create detailed profile pages and fully disclose their trading performance that include: Profit/loss, trade volumes, location, account level, and trading history

To get you started on this journey, Streamex allows new users to follow veteran traders while simultaneously enabling trade alerts. You can customize alerts via email, account notifications or push notifications through the mobile app.

StreamFolio is a major feature that is a native iOS and Android application for Streamex users. StreamFolio, an embedded function within, facilitates a simplified, fast, and modern insight view into the accounts of the platform. Upon syncing StreamFolio with Streamex the benefits include: enjoy valuable updates, alerts about trades, open or closed orders, etc.

“While the crypto resources seasons and institutional demand builds, our goal is to capitalize on the opportunity to include gamification, leaderboards, trade alerts, and trading pools while offering a seamless UX for mass adoption.”

When it comes to quality of service, the cryptocurrency service simple philosophy: provide consistently excellent customers service. They have reliable support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Gamification is the name of the game. As a social trader, you will have immediate access to the best traders on the exchange. By following the pros you’ll have exclusive and easy access to leaderboards, which enables traders to fully understand the ins and outs of the framework. For example, you will see the number of followers, trading volume active and closed pools. has the capability to leverage and harness threats. It does this through mitigation. Moreover, it also utilizes the collective knowledge from previous exchanges, hacks, and previous issues to resolve the problem. In other words, it offers a very robust and reliable service.

There is momentum, opportunity, and excitement centered in the cryptocurrency sphere. In addition, a specific segment of the market has grown in confidence in investing in this booming market movement.  

“A recent survey conducted by Blockchain Capital reveals that 30% of people aged 18- to-34 would rather invest $1,000 in Bitcoin than $1,000 in government stocks or bonds. The same study goes on to state that 42% of millennials have heard about Bitcoin, compared with 15% awareness among those aged 65 and up.”

About is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that bridges the gap between novice traders and trading experts by introducing exciting features guaranteed to entice user acquisition and retention.