Stratis Raises US$600k During ICO To Expand Developer Team

Not too long ago, we covered UK startup Stratis in an article. This company is building their own blockchain platforms for business and larger enterprises. The team has completed their ICO, and a total of US$600,000 has been raised in the process. Now that this step has been completed the startup will start expanding its team of developers.

Successful Crowdfunding Round For Stratis

Running an ICO project in the world of blockchain technology is not always a guarantee for success. The Stratis team raised US$600,000. Which is a good amount to get started on their full node framework in C#. However, that development will require some additional developers, and the startup is looking for programmers.

The potential of blockchain technology is nearly impossible to quantify in words these days. Most of the focus remains on the financial side of things, but the technology can improve many business aspects as well. Stratis concentrates on the tamper-proof aspect for storing and updating information. Making this technology available to more developers will put it within easier reach of the enterprise community.

Stratis founder Chris Trew told The Merkle:

‘Blockchain is a game changer but there is still a real need to lower the barriers to entry so that more people can get involved with the technology, discover it’s utility and ultimately be able to compete in a changing marketplace’.

Expanding the team of programmers is not the only thing on the Stratis agenda, though. The company is looking into establishing a commercial arm for their business. To be more precise, this would work as an off-the-peg solution for creating and managing blockchains in minutes. Doing so should bypass the costs and security concerns which may hinder blockchain adoption and development in-house for businesses.

In the end, Stratis users will be able to fully customize their private blockchain the way they see fit. Every individual chain will be anchored on the Straits chain, allowing for the intermittent transfer of tokens. This can be an invaluable solution for smaller businesses who want to stay ahead of the curve in the blockchain world.

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