Stratis Makes Developing Blockchain Apps Easier For Businesses

Developing applications on top of the blockchain can be quite a challenge when one does not know where to begin. Stratis wants to remove that barrier to entry, as they serve as a flexible blockchain development platform. The focus lies on being powerful and flexible, allowing the financial services business to develop the necessary tools to use this technology.

Stratis Focuses on Enterprises

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What makes Stratis such an interesting platform is how developers can use either C# or Microsoft.NET to develop applications. This will help simplify the development of new blockchain applications, and access to APIs and a dedicated framework will be provided as well.

It is important to note Stratis develops private blockchain solutions, which can be customized to fit the needs of enterprise clients Businesses will reap the rewards from this approach as they can deploy applications without the overhead costs of running their own blockchain infrastructure.

Stratis Founder Chris Trew exclusively told The Merkle:

“Our company is primarily focused on blockchain provisioning for the business community in an increasingly digital economy. Blockchain is a game changer but there is still a real need to lower the barriers to entry so that more people can get involved with the technology, discover it’s utility and ultimately be able to compete in a changing marketplace.’

A Bitcoin full node will be developed in C#, on which the Stratis platform will be built on top. Moreover, a wide range of new features will be added on top of the existing Bitcoin technology. One of those new additions comes in the form of deploying customizable sidechains. The Full Node project, as well as the Stratis framework, will both be open source.

Similar to what Microsoft Azure is offering its users, Stratis will also be available as a blockchain-as-a-service. Combining the advantages of cloud computing and blockchain technology create a solid use case to deploy distributed ledgers in this fashion. Moreover, there is a plan on the table to allow for one-click provisioning of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitShares and LISK blockchain platforms in the future. More information on the Stratis project can be found in the whitepaper.

Stratis has also launched their ICO, which can be found here.

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