Stocks OUT. Crypto IN.

Stock markets have been engraved in the DNA of society since 1817 and have not looked back since. Anxious individuals stared at the giant board in the New York Stock Exchange, hoping for good news. Before stocks were the infatuation of the world, they were considered “risky” and “not safe”. It is astonishing how times have changed from that point. With anything that is new, there is a hesitation and doubt in the minds of people. Evolution of a society states things will never stay the same. They will always evolve and nuances will begin to form and take hold. The cycle of doubt and skepticism is always followed up by immense enthusiasm. We are beginning to see a paradigm shift in the minds of many people. No longer are individuals keen on putting money into stocks and just watching them. Individuals want to invest in the latest trend, new technology and great personel. It is time to say goodbye to stocks being at the forefront and say hello to cryptocurrency.  Millenials are the largest generational group of people on the planet. They have a huge influence on how the world works and operates, especially in the digital realm. That is great news for all cryptocurrency supporters and even more so for Snovio​.

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The Millennial Crisis  

Cryptocurrency is all about consuming. If one is truly invested and interested in it, one can’t go a day without getting a dosage of crypto in. The majority of the older generation is set in their ways in regards to their fondness of stocks. This is not the case for many millenials, who are heavily invested in cryptocurrency. They want to invest in real world problem solving solutions that can affect the landscape of our future. A recent poll, conducted by Swell Investing, showcased that 12% of millenials, if given the opportunity to invest their money; they would do that in cryptocurrency, rather than the traditional stock options. This is compared to 3% of people age 45-64 who said they would invest in cryptocurrency. This disparity in age and decisions plays an integral role in the future of cryptocurrency. Nowadays, only ​33% of millennials​ are investing in stocks contrasted with 51% of people in the prior generation. Millennials realize that cryptocurrency is the future and will do anything to take a stride toward it. More importantly it will be essential to the continued rise in Snovio. A huge audience combined with a cryptocurrency that solves so many applicable needs is the perfect match.  

Snovio & Millennials

Millennials meet Snovio. Snovio meet the millennials. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s discuss how both ware a good fit for each other.  

Millennials are the largest group in the workforce right now, so nothing is more applicable than the services that Snovio provides. The world’s first decentralized lead generation platform is making its way through the cryptocurrency community and is heading to millennials all around the world. Snovio is applicable to all people, regardless of where one works or what their occupation is.  

Snovio is the first decentralized lead generation platform. In layman’s term, Snovio’s service makes life easier for individuals looking to obtain valuable information.  With Snovio, you can: ​search domains,​ ​find verified emails​, ​lead search​ and​ find specific companies​. Through all those attributes you will find a complete working system that revolves around a client’s needs and the contributors ability to find the data required.  

The benefits of Snovio for Clients

Snovio addresses the lead generation problem faced by anyone trying to grow their network. Many millennials in the work field rely on finding new leads for future opportunities in their career. The current options for attracting leads involves outdated practices and poor services currently on the market. That is where Snovio comes into the picture.

Millennials are always looking to get the most work done in the least possible time. Being associated with terms such as ‘lazy’ and ‘lackluster’ in the eyes of the older generation is a common misconception. In reality, they have a yearning to do the most efficient work in the shortest amount of time. Millennials are looking for cutting edge technology, innovative services, faster solutions and dependable sources.  

Snovio has some core problems they are solving with their unique platform. They will solve the ​transparency lead problem​, ​inefficient leads​, ​real time updates,​ and clarity between clients and contributors​ to name a few. This is perfect for a multitude of different personnel who require this service. Snovio casts a wide net with their clients, which includes individuals in the following line of work: legal, dental, real estate, travel, SaaS, IT, education, automotive and many more. There is a huge demographic of millennials who rely on this service to stay ahead of the competition.  

Lead transparency problem

The majority of platforms that offer lead help in one’s endeavors never completely explain where the data is coming from or how reliable it is. Snovio mitigates this problem by giving free reign to transparency among the clients and contributors with complete access to see:  

1) When the data was added  

2) How much of that particular data was bought.  

Problem solved.  

Quality leads and exclusive data

Often times, the leads purchased are fake in one way or the other. Phone numbers or names among other things are wrong, which results in a deficit of leads. Utilizing Snovio, the client can see how relevant this data is and make sure the data is exclusive for them.  

Real time updates

How nice would it be to be able to get real time updates in the ever-changing environment we work in? Sadly, we can’t have an all inclusive service that provides the results from the data immediately. Oh wait, we do have the solution. Snovio platform allows for real time updates to meet your needs. Problem solved.


How much money does the contributor get? What is the revenue split look like? Snovio provides complete clarity between all parties involved by featuring smart contracts which include a wide range of information.

Snovio has the answer to every concern that a millennial may possess.  

The benefits of Snovio for Contributors

Not only do contributors get to help people gain the data they need, but they also get paid in Snovio tokens – a highly valuable commodity. Once a smart contract is initiated, the contributors can mine the data either using a service they already use or utilizing the assistance of Snovio to find a client’s needs. With a 70 % revenue share, Snovio has plenty to offer.  

Perfect match  

The endearing love for cryptocurrency combined with the ability to find the best leads makes Snovio and millennials the perfect fit. It is rare to combine something so important in today’s society and make it so easy and accessible for everyone to use. In such a competitive marketplace, Snovio holds the advantage. The complete package they can deliver to you is transcending how people go about getting their leads. From one millenial to another take my advice: ​look into Snovio today​.  

Long story short

Millenials are the most passionate cryptocurrency enthusiasts and there’s no better time to get involved then right now.  

Snovio solves the following lead problems: ​transparency, quality leads, exclusive data, clarity and real time updates.

The future of lead generation is here and Snovio has all the answers.