Steve Aoki Partners With Popular Japanese Artist Hiro Ando To Bring Samurai Cats, a Unique NFT Project

It’s high time real-world art gets its due on the digital space too, says the popular electro-dance DJ.

Cryptocurrencies have taken over various industries and have been gaining prominence around all across the globe. Many businesses have ventured into amalgamating this advanced technology into their system for further growth, as it has all the ingredients to make any business scale to newer heights. Many business houses and individuals have realized its potential and are now capitalizing on its growing popularity to boost their own respective sectors in a big way. Renowned Japanese artist Hiro Ando has also taken up the opportunity and stepped in at the right time with the launch of his NFT project Samurai Cats which will showcase his genuine work in digital form. Having established himself as a recognized artist around the pop art space, he has even co-founded Studio Crazy NOOdles, which houses a team of extraordinarily talented artists who have gone a step ahead in getting their skills on the right track by contributing to this enormous project.

When asked what made him dwell into this space as he was relatively new to the subject, he answers by saying, “in recent times digital currencies have gained much prominence and many businesses are turning towards it in a big way. The advantages of NFTs are being known to people and this has boosted its presence to a much higher level. Though the NFT space is growing steadily, those who enter at the right time have an advantage, and that was the sole reason for entering into this industry with the launch of Samurai Cats.” For those who are unaware, the project has already created a strong buzz around it and many are eagerly awaiting its launch. Ando says that this will be a perfect combination of real art with digital, and each of the artwork on Samurai Cats will be genuine and original. With a total of 4747 Samurai Cats NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain which have been randomly assembled from over 300 layers and hand-drawn by Hiro Ando, it is certainly one of the most awaited projects of present times.

Ando says that he has always been deeply connected to traditional Japanese culture, and this was an ideal opportunity to get the real world on a digital platform through this NFT project. What’s more even a known personality like Steve Aoki, has joined Samurai Cats as a partner as he saw tremendous potential in its future which he didn’t want to miss out on. “The future is digital, and the way things have been moving towards the virtual space since the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, it assures us that the future will depend heavily on digitization and NFTs would play a major role in its realm, for sure,” said Aoki when asked about his decision to join the Samurai Cats team as a partner.

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