SportsBet and Watford Announce First of Its Kind Crypto Cup 2020

Leading online sportsbook operator SportsBet, in an unprecedented relationship with Watford FC, will host the very first Crypto Cup 2020 meetup at Vicarage Road stadium. This first-of-its-kind event on May 16th will be to promote the adoption of cryptocurrency, while playing football for a good cause.

The agenda for the day starts with a welcoming of the crowd and a kick-off of the cup briefly after. The round-robin style tournament will have various partners entering a team for charity. Additionally, every team will receive a pre-match talk from a Watford legend. After the players shower and change, there’ll be a welcome networking dinner, with welcoming words from Peter McCormack, host of What Bitcoin Did and Defiance. 

While 96 players will be playing in a cup to see who is the winner, there will also be a diverse group of speakers presenting their thoughts on the future of Bitcoin, and how we can help facilitate adoption. Among the several speakers are notable leaders in the industry like the founder of Coinfloor, UK’s oldest Bitcoin exchange, Obi Nwosu. Accompanying Nwosu are other speakers like Paul Gordon, CEO Tim Heath, and Beatrice O’Carroll among others. 

Paul O’Brien, Commercial Director of Watford FC, had these words to say about the unique event:

“This is the first event of its kind to be organized at Watford FC, throughout this season we have been delighted to welcome the crypto community to experience match days at Vicarage Road, through our partnership with and the Bitcoin jersey sponsorship. Now in May, we will support this partnership with a special day which will allow the crypto community to play at the Vic, whilst immersing themselves in discussions, education and fun”

Tim Heath, CEO of, also voiced his excitement about the crypto meet-up, stating: 

“After witnessing what an impact football sponsorship has had on raising awareness for cryptocurrency, we’re really looking forward to taking it even further with Watford FC. Being part of the conversation on the day with both fans and experts, exploring what the future of crypto adoption looks like and enjoying the Vicarage Road experience is a brilliant opportunity for all involved.” 

Sportsbet and Watford FC’s previous relationship has helped make something of this proportion possible – Watford FC’s soccer team has been proudly wearing the Bitcoin logo on their jerseys for several months now thanks to their history. Another way the team has been supporting the adoption of Bitcoin through football is by allowing fans to purchase merchandise from their online store using the cryptocurrency. 

Football is one of the most popular sports on the planet, and tying Bitcoin to one of the most prominent teams of the sport helps bring awareness to a lot of the mainstream audience that cryptocurrency desperately needs to target. 

Watford fans can first be exposed to Bitcoin through their favorite team, and then start placing bets through Sportsbook, a trusted partner. This educational event is just another excellent way to bring football fans together with cryptocurrency, highlighting some of the real-world scenarios Bitcoin has to offer. 

Those interested in participating in the event are able to get tickets here