Spells of Genesis Will Go Through A Reset Prior To New Solo Campaign

It is impossible to deny the level of success Spells of Genesis has had so far. The company has now announced a game reset so that they can prepare for a new season of rewards. The solo campaign leaderboards will go through a reset as well. Ever since the successful soft-launch of this game, all players need to be given a clean slate.

Spells of Genesis Reset Is A Good Thing

A select group of players has been able to test Spells of Genesis for quite some time now. As a result, they have gained a somewhat unfair advantage on the leaderboards for the solo campaign. Now that Spells of Genesis has soft-launched for the entire world, an entire reset seems to be in order.

Players will be put on the same playing level for the upcoming solo campaign, which introduces new in-game items. Moreover, all players will be given a complementary WATERSCOUT card, assuming they completed at least one wallet. Additionally, players will also need to have a Counterparty wallet linked to their SoG account.

New and existing players will also receive 25 gems to help them set up the new solo season. Unfortunately, this reset also means any gained gold, crystals, gems, and off-chain cards will be completely removed from user accounts. While some people may see this as a bit of a setback, it is only fair to new users.

An exciting addition is introduced to Spells of Genesis once the reset has happened. A beta version of the guilds system will then be introduced. For the time being, this will only be available in the web version, although the developers plan to roll it out to the mobile app once the feature has been thoroughly tested.

It has to be said, the new season will be rather brief, as it runs until Oct 11. At that time another reset will take place before the mobile soft-launch occurs. BitCrystals rewards will be sent out to solo and guild players based on their point score at that moment. Before the full launch a third reset will be initiated and erase all previous solo gains.

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