Spells of Genesis Soft Launch Scheduled For Mid September 2016

A new update regarding the ever popular blockchain-based Spells of Genesis game has been posted by the developers. Ever since the success crowdfunding campaign, the game has been in constant development. For now, the game is still in closed beta, but that situation will come to change shortly. A soft launch is scheduled for mid-September 2016.

Spells of Genesis To Exit Closed Beta Soon

Albeit Spells of Genesis has been around as a beta for a while now; many players have been wondering when the game would be officially “launched”. According to a new post by the EverdreamSoft developers, that launch will come in September of 2016. Or to be more precise, a soft launch is scheduled for that period.

Launching a blockchain-based trading card game was a significant undertaking for the developers. After months of gathering user feedback, fixing bugs, and revamping the card design and interface, a soft launch seems warranted. When the soft launch happens, a few new features will be introduced in the game.

First of all, the developers will introduce daily quests. This concept can be found in most MMO games, and will not become an aspect of Spells of Genesis. Players will be challenged to play games with a certain type of card, and receive a reward in exchange. Progress will be monitored through in-game achievements, which is another nice addition.

Moreover, players can create and join their own guilds, which adds an extra social factor to the game. Multiple new campaigns will be introduced during the soft launch as well. On the visual and sound part of the equation, Everdreamsoft is working on state-of-the-art solutions.

The soft launch will apply to the web version first, with the mobile version to come at a later date. In-app purchases will be added to the mobile version, allowing users to buy new cards within the app itself. Once the soft launch has gone according to plan, the full game release will follow. Depending on how the process goes, a full launch could happen as soon as October 2016.

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