SONM and Storj Sign Technical Agreement for Decentralized Object Storage

The world of decentralized computing has been heating up as of late. We have seen multiple cryptocurrency ICO projects focus on this particular area over the past few months. SONM is a project which will potentially make a major impact on this industry. In a recent announcement, the team confirmed they will partner with STORJ on “object storage”. It’s an interesting agreement that will elevate both projects to new heights over the coming months.

SONM and STORJ Join Forces

Collaboration is key in any industry, and cryptocurrency is no different in this regard. Most enthusiasts have heard of Storj before, as the decentralized object storage platform has been making some big headlines lately. On the other hand, we have SONM, a recently founded project focusing on supercomputing projects organized by network mining. It may seem odd to see both projects come together at this point, but it also makes a lot of sense for both companies. After all, Storj has something SONM needs and SONM may spark new interest in Storj as well.

With both teams having signed a technical agreement, things will get very interesting in the coming months. The goal is to have workers and end buyers interact and share files directly on the SONM platform. With Storj’s focus on decentralized storage and SONM working on supercomputing, it is evident both solutions complement one another quite nicely. How all of this will play out remains to be seen, but it may lead to one of the most powerful decentralized peer-to-peer services we have seen to date.

The concept of a decentralized fog computer provides many advantages for consumers, enterprises, and engineers. It can be used for anything from hosting websites to performing scientific calculations, rendering video files, or creating game servers. With its built-in marketplace for computing power, big things are expected from SONM. Its ICO raised several millions of dollars, and those investors will be quite happy with this development, to say the least.

As part of the agreement, the uploading and downloading of computing tasks on the SONM platform will be handled by Storj. This should make it far more convenient for both buyers and workers to see tasks and assign them accordingly. Storj has proven itself to be a stable and accessible solution for customers all over the world, and its focus on peer-to-peer technology complements SONM’s vision.

All of this demonstrates that collaboration is of the utmost importance when it comes to cryptocurrency projects. Even decentralized ventures cannot be completed on their own, especially not on the scale SONM is working on. With so many innovative projects in this ecosystem, it only makes sense that strong entities would join forces to create more powerful solutions. Peer-to-peer platforms and services are undoubtedly the future of both fog computing and data storage.