SOMESING, a blockchain-based mobile Karaoke DApp, is to be listed on Coinone Indonesia exchange on the 16th Dec 2019

SOMESING, a blockchain-based mobile karaoke DApp has announced that its own utility token named ‘SSX’ (SOMESING Exchange) will be listed on Coinone Indonesia Exchange on the 16th Dec 2019. 

This is the 2nd listing of SSX followed by its 1st listing on Dcoin exchange, a global crypto currency exchange and SSX token is to be listed on other major exchanges according to SOMESING’s future business roadmap.

SOMESING’s official said, “Coinone Indonesia is an exchange that was established in Jakarta, Indonesia by Coinone, one of the leading crypto currency exchanges in Korea, and it has drawn a lot of attention in the market in that it has been providing a pegging service with Rupiah (IDR), an Indonesian local currency, so that it increased the accessibility for Indonesian users to crypto world.

“Indonesia is a very notable country considering the fact that a wide range of hallyu contents, including K-POP, have been super popular, especially, it is a very promising and attractive market for SOMESING in that the average age of Indonesia is only 28 while its total population is around 270 million. In order to make SOMESING’s successful entry to Indonesia, which will be a strategic hub to expand SOMESING’s service into the whole SEA (South East Asia) region, we recently dispatched a group of our R&D team to conduct a preliminary network tests for the local optimization of the App.” said Mr. Heuibae Kim, a CEO of SOMESING. 

He also added, “A lot of Indonesian local MRs (Music Resources) are getting ready apart from K-pops to invite more local users to our service.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Kai Jung, a CEO of Coinone Indonesia, said, “SOMESING project has successfully incorporated blockchain technology into its existing karaoke App service and is believed as one of the most prospective DApps in blockchain industry. We have decided to list SSX on our exchange considering that it is a typical utility token for the use of SOMESING platform and the token economy of SOMESING has been systematically designed.” 

“In addition, SOMESING is registered at Xangle, an open platform to share blockchain project’s information and announcements with relevant people in the industry and it is also a partner of Coinone Indonesia. SOMESING has released all the information transparently so that investors can refer to and this is also one of the reasons why we decided to list SSX on our exchange” said, Mr. Jung. 

He also expressed a high expectation while mentioning, “SOMESING project has great growth potential in Indonesian market and Coinone Indonesia will be able to play an important role within SOMESING’s ecosystem. Also, we will actively support blockchain projects that can be used in real life for their successful debut in global market.”

SOMESING released all the information regarding the project on the 25th November on Xangle, an open information platform of blockchain projects, and received ‘A+’, the highest grade in Xangle.