Some of the Stolen Cryptopia Funds Appears to be on the Move

Several incidents in the cryptocurrency space seem to  leave a lasting impression on the industry. The infamous Cryptopia hack, for example, still sends shock waves throughout communities today.

To this day, there are still many uncertainties regarding the Cryptopia hack.

More Cryptopia Funds Shenanigans

The exchange lost a lot of funds, adding up to roughly 30,000 Ether. 

Cashing out such vast sums of stolen money is anything but an easy feat.

Due to the transparent nature of cryptocurrencies, it is very easy to monitor suspicious transactions in real-time.

On the Ethereum blockchain, the addresses associated with the Cryptopia hack have all been labeled and blacklisted.

Surprisingly, some of the funds are still on the move.

Earlier this week, over 5,700 ETH moved to different addresses. 

Several smaller transactions have been made to attempt and remove any traces of the funds altogether.

Unmarked addresses may have a higher chance of success in terms of depositing funds to exchanges. 

Even so, it seems unlikely that this money will be dumped on exchanges in the near future.

Sadly, that also means that most Cryptopia users may not see their money back anytime soon either.

Rest assured that this particular story will remain of great interest to crypto users for some time to come.