Solareum Launches Token Sale for Platform Dubbed “Amazon of Solar and Renewables

Solareum is announcing their upcoming blockchain powered platform, as well as the ability to purchase their native token, SLM. The platform is pivoting itself to become the “Amazon of Solar and Renewables”, allowing users to purchase renewable products and claim back tokens for using a renewable source of energy.

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Renewable energy something everyone can use

Solareum is focusing on both P2P and B2B business models, as both individual users and corporations can benefit from using green energy sources to fuel their everyday activities. Solareum will also facilitate businesses between renewable companies and the community, allowing users to pick solar provider worldwide and have solar panels installed, for example.

With global warming being a serious problem affecting the world as a whole, Solareum aims to incentivize using eco-friendly energy sources by creating a marketplace where green energy consumption pays the user. Global warming has already seen the increase of natural disasters, drastic melting of the ice caps and subsequent rising of the ocean levels, and other consequences that have led to the endangerment of countless species.

Token details

The native ERC20 can be bought directly from the website at a price of $0.70 per token. There is a minimum buying threshold of 500 SOLAREUM tokens, or $350. The tokens are available to purchase in their shop, alongside a Solar Energy System (from $17,500.00 – $27,000/00) and a Solar Heating System ($9,999.00).

The team has set the hard cap for funds raised at $42.2 million, in homage to Earth Day, which is on 4/22.  60,000,000 total coins are available, with 1,100,000 released in a private sale and 45,000,000 available in the open market.

Exchange rates are recalculated often, due to the natural volatility of the market. User details will be kept private during the sale period, with Solareum making sure principles of anonymity are upheld in this timeframe.

Backed by a wholly managed investment fund which includes a portfolio consisting of the leading cryptocurrencies, solving the problem of the users worrying about the optimal time to buy or to sell. Fiat payment method integration will also help facilitate the adoption of the platform a well.

Furthermore, the ERC20 support allows Solareum to take full advantage of Ethereum smart contracts, providing the marketplace with a transparent and decentralized way to serve both consumers and providers

Roadmap of Solareum

Tokens can be purchased with 14 cryptocurrencies, as well as with a credit card and debit card. While the platform accepts the major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, and ETH, it also accepts some lesser used coins such as Goldcoin, Neo, and Vertcoin for example.

This sale follows a private sale that went live on the first of January, and lasted for a week, ending on the 8th of January. After this sale, Solareum will commence beta testing of the Solareum web application, while continuing development of the iOS and Android application which begun in March. May is slated for the launches of both web and mobile applications for Solareum.

Follow Solareum on Facbeook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. For more information about their token, read their whitepaper. For general info on the token, or interest in purchasing SOLAREUM, visit their website.