Solana (SOL) Price Prediction: Arbitrum (ARB) and Collateral Network (COLT) showing bullish price action

With Solana (SOL) consistently making the headlines, it’s no wonder that predictions for Solana’s (SOL) 2023 price have piqued investor interest. However, it’s crucial not to undervalue the potential of projects like Arbitrum (ARB) and Collateral Network (COLT). Both have been on a price charge lately but Collateral network stands with a 40% price increase already.

Collateral Network (COLT)

Collateral Network is the world’s first peer-to-peer lending platform that enables anyone to borrow crypto loans against real-world assets. The platform accepts several physical assets, including real estate, jewelry, luxury watches, fine art, and collectibles.

Collateral Network differs from other web2 lending platforms as it relies on a blockchain system to facilitate transactions without needing middlemen.

The whole process with a clever lending protocol that utilizes NFT technology in a unique way to tokenize real-world assets into NFTs and fractionalize them into smaller pieces. This tokenization of assets means that a required loan collateral can be split into multiple pieces, and now multiple are able to fund loans instead of just one person and achieve an agreed rate of interest.

Lenders can be from any part of the world, all they need is a crypto wallet, meaning the platform and owners of physical assets have access to institutional level liquidity. This is not the case for them in the traditional lending sector.

The team behind the project have years of experience in the asset lending sector, are fully Doxxed and KYC’d. Team tokens are locked for two years and the liquidity pool is locked for 33 years. With a concept and a platform that is set to transform a multi-trillion dollar industry, the team are demonstrating the faith and commitment they have in the project.

COLT can be acquired during the Collateral Network presale for a current price of just $0.014 per token. With more than 100,000 million tokens sold already and low supply, it’s easy to see why analysts are predicting that COLT could be worth up to $0.35 per token by the next quarter 2023.


Arbitrum (ARB)

Arbitrum (ARB) is one of the newest Layer-2 solutions to hit the blockchain market. To get off to a flying start, Arbitrum (ARB) airdropped 12.75% of the supply to those who interacted with the Arbitrum (ARB) network. This event led to a notable market reaction.

In the immediate aftermath of the airdrop, the value of Arbitrum (ARB) saw a drastic decline, dropping from a high of $10 to a low of $1 in a matter of hours. The rapid depreciation can be linked to Arbitrum (ARB) airdrop recipients taking advantage of the opportunity to quickly sell off their newly acquired Arbitrum (ARB) tokens.

However, Arbitrum (ARB) bounced back eventually and now trades at $1.35 per token. Analysts foresee Arbitrum (ARB) continuing to appreciate in value and predict that the token could be worth up to $10 by the end of 2023.

Solana (SOL)

While Arbitrum (ARB) and Collateral Network (COLT) have made positive movements recently, Solana (SOL) isn’t doing so well. After hitting an all-time high of $260 in April 2021, Solana (SOL) has since dropped to around $21 — a fall of over 91%.

The bear market can be partly blamed for this drastic price drop, but concerns surrounding Solana’s (SOL) security and governance structure have been cited as bigger factors for Solana’s (SOL) declining performance. There have been a number of hacks on projects built with the Solana (SOL) platform, and the centralized governance structure has not helped to reassure investors.

For Solana (SOL) to reach its all-time high again, it’s going to have to tackle these issues head-on. Analysts foresee the price of Solana (SOL) to range below the $25 resistance level until the problems have been addressed. A breach of $25 will likely result in Solana (SOL) pumping to the $80 level within months.

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