Smart Device Communications in IoT Will Increase the Demand for Data Encryption Provided by the Mysterium Network

IoT, its current uses and the options it will offer in conjunction with blockchain technology.

First came the personal computers, which at the beginning of their existence were seen as controversial, and then came the internet. It was developed as a tool to help us implement our plans, to facilitate communication and to connect with the world. After a few years, enthusiasts began to talk about IoT and offered a vision of the future, a vision that was completely different from the current reality.

In the 1980s, there weren’t many people who believed that personal computers could change the world and there was a similar wave of skepticism surrounding the early phases of the Internet. It seems these days this skepticism has not changed.

Recently, we have heard people being critical that the IoT concept is a utopia; however, that utopia is slowly and surely becoming a reality. Today it is not uncommon to meet a person who actively uses IoT, whether at work or at home. The possibilities of IoT use seem to be endless.

The everyday aspects of our lives, such as household equipment, transportation, lifestyle and food, will most likely be part of one major highway called IoT, where we can set our own levels of automation. Due to the growing demand for devices that can operate autonomously, there is also a growing demand to secure these mutual communications.

When we imagine today that the main purpose of hacker attacks are to obtain our personal data, then what would happen if they are able to attack devices that communicate with each other? They could obtain almost all information about us: our habits, weaknesses, an overview of what we do, how we do it and when we do it.

That is why it is necessary to secure this mutual communication between the devices. One tool gives us this option and that is a decentralized VPN network where there will be no central servers where our data will be located and that hackers can target.

By using a decentralized network, we will be able to make full use of IoT capabilities without having to worry about losing data. This is not only important for ordinary residents but also for corporate clients, who are targeted by hacker groups much more often.

The question isn’t whether IoT will globally expand, but when, and most estimates show that it is set to be in the next few years.

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