Original Silk Road Cannabis Buyer Arrested By German Police

Buying drugs on the deep web is not the brightest idea, and it may come back to haunt you a few years later. One German user of the original SilK Road platform was arrested and fined for ordering cannabis on the marketplace. Apparently, German police have managed to identify all of his 17 transactions and link his real identity to this activity.

Original Silk Road Customers Are Not Safe From Police

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Purchasing goods on the deep web may seem like a way to preserve anonymity, but that is no longer a guarantee. Customers who ever bought or sold something on the original Silk Road platform many years ago may soon find themselves in the crosshairs of law enforcement agencies.

It has to be said, however, the arrest of this German Silk Road user comes as quite a surprise. The police have – allegedly – information related to him buying cannabis on the deep web at last 17 times.How they obtained these details remains unknown to this very date, albeit it is not the first time Tor users see their anonymity breached by law enforcement agencies.

In most cases, deep web buyers are only punished when they involve weapons or other tools to do harm to others. Large drug purchases are also frowned upon, yet 17 orders of between 1.5 and 7.4 gram of cannabis are not that extraordinary. It does not appear as if the arrest has anything to do with this user further distributing the marijuana either, yet he was fined over 3,000 EUR for his involvement.

Deep Dot Web mentions how the arrest of this person came to be after the police busted a cannabis vendor. This particular vendor kept a record of all of his customers, which is a central point of failure. However, it is not unlikely the police has gone through the Silk Road server to find out additional details.

But there is even more to this story, as the same user was identified as a buyer of the Outlaw Marketplace as well. It seems rather odd for law enforcement agencies to connect these two marketplaces without credible proof. According to a spokesperson, the same level of “communication” as on Silk Road was used, but did not further specify what that indicates.

Source: Deep Dot Web

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