Shopawl Lets Users Spend Bitcoin While Shopping On Banggood

It is always good to see more websites focusing on making Bitcoin shopping more convenient. Albeit there are a few of these sites available already, more competition is never a bad thing. Shopawl was launched recently, and the company seems to focus its attention on people who shop in China on a regular basis. So far, it seems only is supported, but it is a start.

China Shopping Made Easy With Bitcoin

The Shopawl website itself looks conveniently enough to use. Customers can fill in the Bangood product URL of their choice, and hit the “order now” button. For those who are unaware, Banggood is one of the biggest online Chinese shopping sites, where any product can be found. Particularly tablet and electronics enthusiasts will find plenty of items to their liking here.

Do not be mistaken in thinking Shopawl acts a cash back service. Their primary objective is to allow for ordering Banggood products and paying the funds in Bitcoin. All of the products and the website are supported, and because Banggood ships anywhere in the world, it is a perfect match for Bitcoin users.

Shopawl also wants to make it clear they will not deal with any customs issues the customer may experience. This platform is just an intermediary to shop for goods in China and pay with Bitcoin. Any issues with customs, returning items, or getting refunds, is up to Banggod to sort out with the customer directly.

As is to be expected, Shopawl is not a free service by any means. The company charges a fee of 2% on the order total, regardless of how big or small the order is. This fee should be taken in account by new users, some might be better off getting a Bitcoin debit card and use that to pay, as it provides a much cheaper alternative.

Overall, it is positive to see services like Shopawl emerge. With a better fee structure in the future, this could become a popular solution for Bitcoin enthusiasts looking to buy goods in China. There is always a trust factor to deal with when using a third-party service provider, though.

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