Shocking Expert Prediction: DTX Exchange (DTX) Will Knock Off Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC) in Top 20 Cryptos

Ripple and Litecoin are some of the most well-established coins in crypto. But does that mean buying into them is a good idea? A look into their functionality and tokenomics reveals issues that investors should know about.

DTX exchange is new and in presale, but is offering a revolutionary decentralized and hybrid exchange model. This means they are a challenger to established exchanges and trading and brokerage platforms, such as Coinbase, Binance, Interactive Brokers, and IG.

Find out more about the latest news and why the experts are so bullish about DTX exchange.

A Ripple ETF is in the making but does it matter?

Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently told Fox News that a Ripple ETF could be in the works. But that’s assuming they ever get free of the SEC vs XRP lawsuit! And that anyone would actually want it.

In earlier crypto cycles, Ripple was heralded as the game changer needed to help crypto achieve mainstream adoption. Once people realized that Ripple could be the practical solution for blockchain banking, the price skyrocketed and people made millions. 

And then the SEC came after Ripple, and to this day, continues to pursue them.

Recently, many crypto experts, and users on Reddit, question Ripple’s usefulness. They say that in the years since it was created, newer and better solutions have been developed to aid the banking and international remittances system.

Then consider around 50% of Ripple’s tokens are locked (meaning enormous sell pressure for holders) and Ripple starts to seem overvalued and not particularly innovative or useful anymore.

Although Ripple’s ICO definitely made a lot of people money, investors looking for the next bullish potential would be wise to search elsewhere.

Litecoin’s transactions and active wallets are up, but are they for real?

If Ripple lacks utility, Litecoin is even worse. Again once intended as a fast way to transfer crypto, the silver to Bitcoin’s digital gold, it’s now not the fastest, best, or easiest solution. The only reason it stays so high in the list of cryptos by market cap is how old and decentralized it is.

Litecoin has seen very little development over the last few years. The Litecoin halving event, while perhaps bullish for BTC, did little to change the price of Litecoin.

While the price remains stagnant (LTC is up by a mere 1.2% on the yearly), data analytics provider IntoTheBlock noticed that Litecoin active wallets increased by 75%, and transactions are up.

However, many of the transactions were under $10 leaving various X (formally Twitter) users concluding that the majority are spam tx designed to pump Litecoin.

DTX exchange is set to take over the exchange and brokerage market

Both Litecoin and Ripple made a lot of people money when they were new and showed promise. DTX exchange is in that position and has so much to offer.

As a hybrid exchange that brings the best of both TradFi and DeFi, DTX exchange is bringing something new and useful to crypto.

Ever wanted to trade forex, commodities, equities, synths, and crypto, with the option of generous leverage? All with super low latency speeds and the privacy of no KYC? That’s what DTX wants to provide. 

Even if you aren’t a trader, it’s good to know. 

Why? Because those features are what make something like DTX exchange the first choice for serious traders. And that in turn leads to bullish price action.

So with that in mind, how high could DTX exchange go? 

Right now $DTX is in the second phase of presale at $0.04, and will launch at $0.12. Already a great opportunity. And now experts are predicting a 100x potential in the short to medium term.

Given that Binance’s ICO started at $0.15 and BNB (another top 20 coin) is now trading at around $680, it’s easy to see why a trading platform with so much functionality could be a top 20 market cap project in just a few years.

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