Segregated Witness Is Almost A Full Proposal But Still Awaits Activation Details

For the longest time, people have been wondering when Segregated Witness would be deployed. Bitcoin Core developers have been working hard on making sure this solution is safe and solid. A recent tweet by Peter Todd indicates SegWit is 99% complete – sort of – but the activation conditions still have to be decided upon.

A Long-Awaited Update On Segregated Witness

People in the Bitcoin world have been patiently – and impatiently – waiting for more news about Segregated Witness. This particular development for the Bitcoin protocol will offer a solution to the lingering block size debate. However, everyone knew it would take months, if not a full year until this concept would come to fruition.

A new Twitter update by Peter Todd hints at how SegWit is 99% completed. To be more precise, it is 99% completed on the way to becoming a full proposal. That does not mean the new feature will be integrated today or tomorrow, mind you, as it may still be weeks or months before that happens.

A decision needs to be made as to how and when SegWit will be activated on the Bitcoin network. So far, it seems the activation will hinge on getting miners to support it, as has always been the case. However, with growing support for Bitcoin Unlimited, reaching the required threshold may not be so straightforward.

It did not take long for the Bitcoin community to voice their opinions on Segregated Witness and the progress being made. Some people even seem to be enjoying turning this into a political debate. Bitcoin and politics have become entwined in recent years, albeit it is not doing the ecosystem any favors.

For now, it remains uncertain if and when we may see Segregated Witness on the main net. It is a significant feature to be added on top of the existing Bitcoin protocol code; that is for sure. But the block size issues have been going on long enough, and there is no need to delay things longer than need be.

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