Schools and universities are slowly implementing blockchain technology

Thanks to the rising popularity of blockchain-based services, a couple of schools have decided to resort to bitcoin when it comes down to recording and verifying the credentials of their students.

At this moment in time, most schools have to deal with recording hundreds of student’s credentials and achievements, which is a process that is often costly, but also time-consuming. Thanks to the blockchain technology, schools such as the Holberton School of Software Engineering have announced plans to begin sharing academic certificates alongside with student credentials and more information via the blockchain, starting in 2017.

In a recent press statement, Sylvain Kalache, the co-founder over at the Holberton School stated that: “For employers, it avoids having them to spend valuable time checking candidates’ educational credentials by having to call universities or to pay a third party to do the job,”

Currently, the University of Nicosia over in Cyprus is also using the technology to record data about their students, and so far, the system has proven to be trustworthy. According to a representative from the school, students are excited by the possibility of verifying whether their certificate is genuine, and that there’s no possibility of recreating it.

The real question here is whether the technology will catch on. Right now, reports indicate that several universities are carrying out research into determining whether implementing such a system is worth it. There are also plans for a blockchain service that aims to allow students to transmit data securely, or to easily control the privacy of their information.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about schools and universities using blockchain technology to better manage their students’ data? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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