Safein MVP is Now Live and Token Generation Event To Start April 2018

E-commerce is one Industry that Blockchain technology could have a huge effect on, having many areas with unfulfilled potential. Improvements in areas of e-commerce such as data protection, cybersecurity, money laundering and monopolization of numerous sectors have the potential to be realized through the implementation of Blockchain technology. In the scheme of things, Internet ID is stuck back in the 60’s; having to scan or photograph your passport or proof of address just to join a trading platform.

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These processes are no less efficient for merchants either, but the cost at this end is money.  

Market research shows that online service provider part with as much as $20 for every new client that joins, with estimates of around 3.5 billion EUR in just the United Kingdom.

In addition, more funds are needed to properly collect, manage and store the personal data collected.

The Safein Mission

Safein is a single sign-on digital identity and payment wallet, pioneering a change in the way clients pay, register, and complete identity authentication.Safein allows the user to login to the platform with total anonymity and control their spending and have the power to revoke access permanently with a single click. The Safein platform will let users see your entire activity history, including registrations, logins, and payments.

Once logged in, users can make their payments without the rigmarole of entering additional information. Users can choose to store both cryptocurrency and fiat, which Safein will convert automatically to the desired currency for transactions. Transactions are instant and the fees are competitive. Safein has a new Telegram group for those individuals interested in learning more, or participating in the crowdsale.

Safin Architecture

Safein plans to enter various business areas in which its service will be most beneficial to its online user-base and do away eliminate redundant registrations and KYC procedures.The platform will also look to standardize crypto payments on all e-commerce websites. At the moment there is a lack of single large-scale Payment Service Providers that accept fiat and

Cryptocurrency payments.

Safein hopes to resolve this problem by allowing users to utilize a digital wallet attached to an account with which they can use to buy goods directly. Safein users can visit the site, create an account, and verify and tie it to their mobile devices. The site currently offers a few demo websites for users to get a feel for the new service. The Safein whitelisting will begin on March 1st and people interested in participating can try the MVP on the Safein MVP Registration page.

The Safein Token Generation Event

The SFN Token is native to the Safein network providing users with 100% free payments for merchants who hold SFN, and monthly cashbacks for users paying with Safein tokens. Enabling users to use a Login pool to incentivize the use of Safein among other websites. Registration Pool to reward new users and a referral pool to grow the user base rapidly.

The Safein TGE is set to go live on the 25th April. With a TGE soft cap of 4,000 ETH and a hard cap of 12,500 ETH. The rate for SFN tokens is 1 ETH = 7,000-9,000 SFN. Safein will hold a bonus rounds and distribute accordingly.#

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