Safein Identity and Payments Platform Safein Announce Pre-Token Sale

Safein, the decentralized wallet and identity platform, has announced their launch with the pre-sale event scheduled for the 3rd April after a successful whitelist registration. The platform have received some exposure as a Identity payment platform with a lot of potential and its presale will see the platorm’s native SFN token be launched for the first time. Safein have decided to split the funding rounds and include a bonus structure.

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The initial round will see 12 million SFN tokens sold at a reduced price, so participants can get up to 71% extra of 12,000 SFN per ETH. The second token presale will get participants 10,500 SFN per ETH contributed. The Safein team have gone to the trouble of adjusting the rate of SFN per ETH for participants, to account for the fluctuation of the value of ETH in recent times.

The Safein Platform

Safein maintains that by using their wallet customers can improve the way that they pay, registe rand complete identity authentication with total anonymity whilst maintaining total control over their spending. They have the power to revoke access with a click and users will be able to see their entire history including registrations, logins, and payments. Safein claims that simplifying payments is another feature of their mission, whether fiat or cryptocurrency. Its initial target markets include cryptocurrency and gaming sectors and various business areas in which its service will be most beneficial to its online user base.

The platform also plans to standardize crypto payments on all e-commerce websites, Safein plans to enter various business areas in which its service will be most beneficial to its online user-base and eliminate redundant registrations and KYC procedures.The platform will also look to standardize crypto payments on all e-commerce websites by allowing users to utilize a digital wallet attached to an account enabling the purchase of goods directly. The account can then be attached to mobile devices.

Vladas Jurkevicius C0-founder at Safein suggests that the wallet ‘focusses on both sides of the business’ guaranteeing full control of user privacy whilst allowing merchants to verify user identities for free. E-commerce according to Safein is one Industry that Blockchain technology could make a huge impact on as Blockchain technology can offer improvements in data protection, cybersecurity, and money laundering. The need to scan a photograph, or produce proof of address in order to join a trading platform may soon be a thing of the past.

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