Russian Roulette Ransomware Stampado Is Making The Rounds

For those people who have ever wondered how bizarre bitcoin ransomware can get, look no further than Stampado. Researchers at Heimdal Security label this as a tool that “plays Russian roulette with computer files”. Not an appealing description for a tool that only costs US$39 on the darknet.

Do Not Underestimate Stampado Ransomware

Although the price tag for Stampado is on the low end of the curve, this type of ransomware can be very dangerous. Aggressive advertising campaigns on the darknet are promoting this new ransomware family, which can be purchased for the very modest price of US$39. Compared to other forms of malware, Stampado is one of the cheapest offerings in existence today.

What is even more worrisome is how the developers of this tool will deliver it in different file formats. Stampado can be sent as an executable file, DLL, and even a command-line prompt. Moreover, the malware can be used in conjunction with crypters , packers, and binders to distribute it to as many potential victims as possible.

But that is not the biggest concern. Most other types of malware require administrator privileges on a device to infect computers Stampado, on the other hand, does not, which makes it an even bigger risk compared to other ransomware. Moreover, infected device owners have up to 96 hours to pay the ransom

This is where Stampado throws users another curveball. As long as the ransom is not paid, the malware will delete a random file from the computer every 6 hours. That means a total of 16 files could be gone forever, while the rest remains encrypted. Paying the Bitcoin fee seems to be the only course of action unless security researchers can decrypt this nasty piece of software.

For now, it remains uncertain as to how many people will be affected by Stampado. The low price point makes it attractive for any internet criminal to give it a try. Ensuring computers are up-to-date and protected, and having anti-malware installed, is of the utmost importance to computer users around the world at this stage.

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