Running OpenBazaar on DigitalOcean With This Simple Script

Ever since OpenBazaar launched, there has been a question as to how people can ensure their online store is always accessible through this decentralised marketplace solution. Running OpenBazaar on one’s computer would require it to run 24/7 every single day. A VPS or web host is certainly an option, and someone has created a Digitalocean deployment script.

Running OpenBazaar On DigitalOcean

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Although there are plenty of hosting providers to choose from when it comes to ensuring a continuous OpenBazaar store accessibility, DigitalOcean is one of the most user-friendly services. All it takes is a few clicks – and very competitive prices – to keep an instance running 24/7. Moreover, the OpenBazaar software is not very CPU intensive, and the most basic plan should be more than sufficient for most users.

Someone on Reddit has been thinking along these same lines and created a script that lets anyone deploy OpenBazaar server on DigitalOcean. However, there is still some tinkering to do as far as this script is concerned, and the developer is looking for feedback from the Bitcoin community to make this solution even smoother.

Setting up this script requires a DigitalOcean droplet – the US$5 per month one should do just fine – and about 15 minutes of one’s time. The instructions laid out on GitHub are more than clear, and no one should experience any significant issues or delays when following these steps to the letter.

However, Windows users may be facing a bit of an uphill battle, as this solution seems tailored towards Linux users all over the world. Until a Windows solution is available, the entire process will have to be done manually by the user. OS X users should be able to follow most of the steps posted without too much trouble as well.

Despite what most developers would like, Windows remains the most popular operating system among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Even though Linux is more secure and a viable alternative to Windows for most regular users, it has not been able to gain too much traction among mainstream consumers just yet.

Source: Reddit

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