Rocketr Provides Bitcoin and Mainstream Merchant Options For Digital Goods Retailers

There are many different ways to accept Bitcoin payments. Online retailers have a full selection at their disposal, including popular companies such as BitPay and Coinbase. Plus, there is also OpenBazaar to take into account. But Rocketr feels they can offer something other services do not.

Rocketr Wants More Merchants To Accept Bitcoin

On the surface, the service provided by Rocketr seems to appeal particularly to digital content creators. While other Bitcoin merchant solutions can be used for the same purpose, Rocketr wants to provide a more dedicated solution. Part of their service includes in-depth analysis, email market, and the option to accept a wide variety of payment options.

This is one area where Rocketr immediately differentiates itself from the Bitcoin-only merchant options. The company lets clients accept multiple payment options, including Bitcoin, PayPal, and others. This creates a more widespread appeal, as very few digital goods stores will go all-in on Bitcoin right away.

When dealing with multiple payment options, one has to keep in mind that the service offered by Rocketr will come at a price. Users who plan to sell less than 25 products can enjoy the free option, while accepting PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stripe, and Perfect Money payments. There is a 5% transaction fee for every payment, however, which is a rather steep price.

The paid option, on the other hand, will offer unlimited products, email marketing, and comes with a 2% transaction fee. This is a lot cheaper when dealing with large amounts of sales, as it could easily justify the US$10/month price. Larger enterprises can opt for the US$100/month package, which does not seem to include any transaction fees, although that may depend on the volume.

One thing that may put off potential customers is how Rocketr is not incorporated yet. The team is working on this issue, though, as they explained on Reddit.  This initially started out as a project between two friends, and they are now starting to take it mainstream. It is a welcome option for retailers dealing with digital products only, and it is good to see Bitcoin being offered as a payment option.

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