Reviewers Share Insights To Help Businesses Choose A Website Builder

The effect of website quality on customer loyalty is significant, with poor user experience driving away 50% of users to the competition. For small businesses who don’t have the time or money to invest in hiring a developer to build their site, website builders are a great alternative. They allow business owners to maintain creative control over the design and functionality of the website without the need for a technical understanding of how this works.

However, small business owners might find themselves overwhelmed by how saturated the website builder industry is, and so choosing the optimal one for them can be a challenge. This article will discuss some of the most prominent website building applications, before assessing their associated advantages and disadvantages.

Why Choose A Website Builder?

It is a necessity of the modern day for businesses to have a website, though the issue of creating one is a tough problem for many to solve, especially with the number of options available. Fortunately, small business owners are not required to understand web development or design in order to produce a good website for their business.

Indeed, business owners can opt to use a website builder for this exact purpose. Effective website builders enable even the least tech savvy people to create the website of their dreams, since the features they offer evolved from the best practices of web design. This allows business owners to quickly get results they are happy with without investing time in learning to code, or trusting a developer to realize their vision properly.

In fact, small businesses will often find it is preferable for them to opt for a website builder over a web developer, especially those procrastinating on designing their company site due to a lack of understanding on when to start.


Zyro is one of the most popular website builders at the moment. Despite not offering all the premium features of its more ‘luxury’ counterparts, users are still easily able to build beautiful and professional websites for their small business with it, and at a very reasonable price too. With a little focussed effort, you could have a website functioning in a few hours – regardless of your level of technological experience.

This is due to the fact that Zyro is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, particularly when compared to other website-building platforms. Users benefit from its ‘Editor Dashboard’ – this is a state of the art interface that, amongst other functions, provides users with all the literature and video content they could need to use and navigate the site.

Zyro offers a number of different plans to customers, which provide incredible value for money – even all the way down to their Basic Plan. This plan is ideal a business owner not looking to operate an ecommerce store, and is even better suited to them if this is their first website too. If the need ever arises, businesses can always upgrade to a more premium plan.


GoDaddy is another incredibly popular alternative that consistently receives glowing reviews for small businesses from every corner of the internet. In short, GoDaddy receives the praise it does for two paramount reasons: its speed and straightforwardness, both of which are game-changers for small business owners.

Upon opening up GoDaddy for the first time, users are prompted with a quick survey of queries so the AI can best understand your business’s needs. The service then uses these answers to instinctively develop a completely functional website in the amount of time it would take to make yourself a coffee.

The final alternative that will be explored in this review is This exceptional website builder provides a true drag-and-drop experience to its users that is so easy to understand and begin using that a website can be built and published without any technological understanding whatsoever.

This website builder provides a myriad of unique and stunning templates that its users can take advantage of when building their sites. Add to this their incredible customer service and you get the perfect platform for businesses to get started on their site with, irrespective of their experience.

Final Comments

There are a number of reasons why a business might opt for a website builder, it makes the process easier, quicker and they remain in control. This article collates three of the most popular services, but to help choose which is best suited for your business, you need to assess your needs.

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Image Credit: TRUiC