Revain Price Rises Slightly Following Bytecoin Partnership

There is plenty of very minor bearish pressure across all altcoins, tokens, and cryptocurrencies right now. This mainly stems forth from Bitcoin slipping just a tiny bit. Most listings keep their value in check without too many problems. In the case of the Revain price, there is an actual increase in value as well. A remarkable development under these conditions.

Revain Price Starts Creeping Up Again

In the cryptocurrency world, there is always some unpredictability affecting at least one particular market. While that might not be happening within the top 15 today, there are some interesting shifts further down the rankings. Revain, for example, has begun moving up again as most other markets struggle a bit. It is a good time to make oneself known to the bigger audience, although this trend could reverse course at any given time.

In the past few hours, the Revain price has risen by 5.6% to bring its USD value to $0.153. There is also a clear 65% increase in BTC and ETH value, which will get even more people excited. All of these gains are sustainable, by the look of things, as none of them stand out as outrageous. The timing of this increase is a bit unusual, though, but that should not pose too much of a problem either.

In terms of actual market activity, there is not much to report on. While just $1.82m worth of trading volume is far from impressive, it is potentially sufficient to ensure this uptrend remains in place. Revain never has much trading volume. BTC-Alpha and DragonEX remain its top trading platforms, neither of which is wildly popular among crypto traders these days.

Speaking of exchanges, it would appear KuCoin has completed the maintenance for Revain and its wallet. As such, users are once again able to deposit R into their account balance and commence trading. Revain has been available on KuCoin for quite some time now, yet it never generates too much trading volume to speak of.

The bigger news for Revain is how the native review platform has gotten the attention of another cryptocurrency project. Bytecoin is now a Revain partner, which can lead to some very intriguing and peculiar use cases over the coming months. Although Bytecoin’s reputation has taken a bit of a hit, dealing with a reliable and transparent review platform may help address that problem.

All things considered, the Revain situation is on par with what it always has been. There is some price excitement with little trading volume and no major breakthrough developments. As such, it seems plausible to assume this value will not rise much further, although one never knows where altcoins are concerned. Those currencies tend to have a life of their own.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.