How Remote Work Impacts the Wage Gap

What an unparalleled year it has been for the workplace.  So many people had their first chance of relative flexible freedom with remote work that there is a Great Resignation effect happening in the world.  Many would rather quit versus go back to the office.  Others, rather than sheltering in job and settling are moving to greener pastures – some by literally moving to other areas.  If you can keep a job and keep it remote, why not live where you want to live, cut out a bunch of expenses and commute time?

The value of a dollar becomes interesting if you trade up let’s say San Francisco for Tulsa.  That said, it depends on working the efficiencies of scale with remote work.  We live in a society of meritocracy and performance culture, so many employers are happy to embrace the work from home trend – or at least a flexible work arrangement.

Want to learn more about remote work and the wage gap? Check out the visuals below for more information:

Remote work and the modern wage gap -