Regulation Compliant One-Stop Blockchain Financial Solution Platform CoinMetro Extends TGE to March 31st

Despite the endless misinformation and fear mongering tied to conversations surrounding the validity of token generation events (TGEs), cryptocurrencies and exchanges, there have been recent discussions bringing positivity to the table.

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Good Things to Come

It appears as though blockchain companies and governments are beginning very impactful dialogues about where to take things next, while certain countries like South Korea have been rather strict in the past, they aren’t entirely opposed to the technology.

In Switzerland, the conversation also appears to be approaching greener pastures with its financial watchdog FINMA announcing the dramatic increase in the number of blockchain-related Inquiries it receives, which has begun to put even bigger wheels in motion for the home of The Crypto Valley Association.

But it’s not just down to the activity of regulators and governments to push things forward; blockchain companies should be stepping up with everything they have to ensure their platform, product, solution, whatever it may be, is capable of complying with the given laws of their respective countries of operation.

Ones that don’t meet requirements or operate legally and often get shut down, further problems cause TGEs to be targeted, limited and banned outright in some countries, these are usually financial solution platforms, which is unproductive for the cryptocurrency markets and the industry as a whole.

CoinMetro Raising the Bar

Certain blockchain companies are forward thinking, there are but a few, but they exist; take CoinMetro for example, it’s a blockchain platform that brings traditional and innovative new financial features to the cryptocurrency space.

By traditional means, CoinMetro offers crypto debit cards, multi-currency wallets for both fiat and crypto storage, a crypto lending is a feature where users can make passive income from their loaned out crypto and atomic swaps, which are true peer to peer crypto trades without a third party intermediary scooping percentages off the top.

The team behind the platform that will also feature an exchange are working tirelessly to make sure that the platform comes out of the box compliant with multiple licenses across various jurisdictions.

Success Through Compliance

The team in Georgia are presently working toward getting CoinMetro an eMoney license so that they can operate their fiat payment services outside of the EU.

Furthermore, the team recently expanded into Estonia where they are acquiring the proper licenses to work across multiple jurisdictions, allowing CoinMetro to accept payments via their exchange as well as deal in fiat within the EU and across the world. Payment methods include Credit Cards, SEPA transfers, SWIFT transfers and external wallets systems for EU residents.

CoinMetro Token Sale Event

CoinMetro also recently announced the extension of their TGE which raised almost 15 Million USD and is now running until the 31st of March 2018. The current price of XCM is $0.15, and at present, there is a 25% bonus for participants as well as the bonus structure as written below:

100M COIN Sold – 8% TBPR 1 + lifetime CM discount 2 +0.01 price increase

150M COIN Sold – 11% TBPR 1 + 0.01 price increase

200M COIN Sold – 14% TBPR 1 + lifetime pre-pre-token sale invites +0.01 price increase

250M COIN Sold – 17% TBPR 1 + lifetime FXPIG discount 3 +0.01 price increase

300M COIN Sold – 20% TBPR 1

Note: TBPR: stands for “Token Buyback Program Reserve.”