Rebook, Chronicled and Major Partner Up to Include Blockchain-Powered Smart Tags to Register Original Sneakers

Each day, more sophisticated ‘fake’ products pop-out across the Internet, to fight this an alliance between Major, a Washington DC-based sneaker shop, Reebok, a sneaker brand, and Chronicle, a San Francisco Technology Startup is bringing Shoe registrar to the Ethereum’s Blockchain.

Sneaker Bar Detroit is a specialized website run by Mario Briguglio, the site is a source to keep shoe lovers (specially Sneakerheads) up-to-date with news and information on new releases. The website noted:

Washington DC-based sneaker shop Major is dropping an eye-catching, limited edition MAJOR Reebok Phase 1 Pro USA collaboration to celebrate Independence Day.

What’s special about this apparently unrelated release? The sneaker is including a smart tag containing a tamper-proof unique fingerprint. The signature is registered in Ethereum’s Blockchain and it’s provided by San Francisco-based startup Chronicled.

Image via Chronicled

In their website, the company says:

We’re using blockchain technology to develop a free and open registry for sneakers. Unlike a closed database, this registry will provide an open, anonymous, and encrypted framework for anyone to build additional apps and functionality.

The shoes are available through Major’s online store. In the product’s description we can read:

The 80’s and 90’s influence played major parts in creating this shoe. Phase 1 Pro was a very popular shoe on the streets of DC, specifically in Georgetown, where the classic look dominated the scene. For this collaboration, we also wanted to pay homage to the fact that Reebok provided the official medal stand and athlete uniforms for the ’92 Barcelona games USA team.

The problem of counterfeited goods has become worse. Counterfeits are products that infringe either trademark, patents or copyrights. Counterfeits intent to confuse the consumers into believing that a product is original (as in manufactured by an established, well know company).

Counterfeits exist in all areas, including food, clothes, accessories, gadgets and currencies. The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) indicated that last year projected value of global trade in counterfeit and pirated goods could ascend to $1.77 trillion.

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