RACA Foundation ‘Passing the Torch’ on Climate Change Mission from Justin Sun and Beeple $6M ‘Ocean Front’

The art piece donation “Ocean Front” was created to raise funds for climate change, which is now donated to RACA Foundation, which has recently announced a long-term sustainability project to help the environment and climate change through blockchain, NFT, and Web3 innovative solutions with NASA and NOAA scientists. It is a “passing the torch” on the message of creating a good cause and being the pioneer in web3.

H.E. Justin Sun, Tron founder and entrepreneur, has posted a tweet on Twitter of a Beeple’s “Ocean Front” artwork donation to RACA Foundation. This donation indicates a strategic partnership between Justin and RACA. Justin has also stated to host a firechat panel with RACA Foundation’s co-founders ‘Unforgettable’ RIAA Diamond rapper French Montana and Dr. Watney.

Beeple, the artist of “Ocean Front” has also retweeted from new owner RACA’s post and stating he is “very honored!!!” of RACA Foundation to become the new owner.

PW (known as @WongWangWung), Chief Brand Officer at RACA Foundation, says “the donation is a  recognition and acknowledgment to our Foundation. The partnership will kick off by curating a series of programs to support web3 talents and artists, to set a democratic gateway for all to achieve greatness at all levels”.

The donation, “Ocean Front” by Beeple, is the World’s Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold Top 10, and was one of Justin’s premium art collections from auction with the winning bid of $6 million USD in 2021. The artist Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) is a digital artist who created the most expensive NFT “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” at Christie’s auction.

French Montana, the Moroccan-American rapper who is also the co-founder of raca3.com (USM.World), has interacted with H.E. Justin Sun about the painting and panel the following day.

RACA Foundation, formed by RACA3.com (USM.World), is a web3.0 infrastructure solution provider with over 665k followers. It is set to explore a deeper and innovative partnership with Justin Sun which both have stated “…so much to explore” on social media. Together with Justin Sun and RACA Foundation, will join forces to “bring change in web3” and continue “to inspire”.

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