Purse.io attack sparks controversies as users report unauthorized withdrawals

Those who’ve been using Purse.io to buy things from Amazon have had their patience tested, as the latest reports indicate that the company has been attacked by hackers during the weekend.

Details about the potential attack have first appeared on Reddit, where users stated that they were not able to log into their accounts, while some also stated that they’ve noticed unauthorized bitcoin withdrawals from their wallets.

Purse.io was quick to respond and they shut down their business operations, while also announcing that there had been a small issue in their system, as password reset requests were continuously being received and sent out. The company also stated that they’ve moved user funds to private bitcoin addresses, to make sure that no funds would be stolen in case an actual attack was taking place. Users are now worried that their financial information was leaked, whereas others are stating that their bitcoin has indeed disappeared.

Purse.io denied these allegations, and declared that all funds are secured, that a fix had been implemented, and that the service has been resumed. Together with this, the company affirmed that people with two-factor authentication were not affected. As of this moment, 2FA is mandatory for all Purse.io users.

Regardless of this, there are still mixed messages, as customers are continuing to complain that their bitcoin has been stolen during the attack. We’re not yet sure what to believe, and are waiting for Purse.io to make another press statement, and assert whether any funds were affected during the security breach.

In case funds were actually stolen during the attack, Purse.io will definitely suffer some drawbacks, as it’s inadmissible for a prominent bitcoin company to be affected by such attacks. So far, Purse.io has been considered a trustworthy company, which is why most users hope that their funds have not affected, and that things will resume to normal.

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