Protostarr: A Funding Platform for Rising Stars

Ethereum-based decentralized apps (Dapps) have ushered in a wave of investment for new and exciting projects. Cryptocurrency-savvy investors are hungry to fund the next big idea through initial coin offerings (ICOs) offered by startups with innovative Dapp projects. One particular ICO that’s been getting a lot of attention is Protostarr, a funding platform for rising YouTubers.

In return for funding, stars (or Starrs) share a portion of their channel revenue that gets distributed automatically via an Ethereum smart contract. Both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and content creators see immense value in a trustless system to fund content of a new generation of media consumers.

Adding to Protostarr’s value proposition is Y-Combinator’s 2016 request for startups. In the write-up, the startup accelerator described “Hollywood 2.0” as being a landscape where new talent is discovered by users, not talent agencies. Business Insider had previously stated that the idea was something venture capitalists are begging to fund. Protostarr now hopes to accelerates the discovery of new talent with its platform. YouTubers have a chance to acquire a material amount of funding to increase the quality of their content, and investors can try to discover the next PewDiePie, who has earned $124 million since 2010.

“We going to change lives,” said Joshua Gilson, CEO of Protostarr. “The next generation of online celebrities will be made through our platform.” With excitement buzzing around Protostarr’s upcoming ICO, the startup seems to have landed on a Dapp project that could take cryptocurrency, which still remains mysterious to many, and place it in an entertainment industry that gives blockchain the exposure it needs to earn trust from the public at large.

Crowdsale investors looking for a hot ICO should mark their calendars for Protostarr’s launch on August 13th. Holders of Protostarr’s investor token will receive 2% of every contract made on the Dapp. With rising popularity in YouTube and constant discovery of new talent, investors have a great opportunity to earn ethereum from contracts created on Protostarr. Interested parties can keep up with Protostarr’s developments on Twitter, Facebook, and their Slack channel.

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