Prolific Crypto Exchange Continues its Quest for New Coins

Not all exchanges were made equal; there are an overwhelming number of factors that can determine the quality and value that exchange platforms offer to their customers. These can range from technical features to additional services, and overall customer dedication and support.

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The digital assets exchange sector has over 20 million customers across 100+ countries, and OKEx is one of the front runners. A ‘digital asset exchange’ is essentially a trading market which specializes in the provision of cryptocurrency investment and trading services.

The exchange provides deep liquidity: maintaining a user base made up of hundreds of traders and investors. This supports the viability (and diversity) of the trading spectrum.

You can easily purchase and start trading immediately on OKEx. From there, you can perform a variety of features, both basic and advanced, through their accessible and easy to use interfaces.

Diversification and Investing Early in Rising Coins

One arguably unique feature to OKEx (Twitter / Facebook) is their dedication towards the regular identification and incorporation of new, emerging coins into their highly competitive roster of trading options.

Their existing roadmap includes the continued identification and subsequent incorporation of promising, robust, and highly profitable coins into their vast portfolio of trading pairs. Furthermore their BTC futures trade has nearly $1.5B of volume, on a daily basis.

Customers are afforded an ever-increasing number of options from which to enhance and diversify their investments. The value is in being able to take early advantage of highly promising tokens before they hit their peak upwards trajectory, meaning the potential returns on investments can be astronomical.

One of the more recent, high-potential coin investments which OKEx has added to their exchange is

CUBE (AUTO). It’s an innovative new token economy which aims to implement cutting edge security and anti-hacking solutions into the emerging field of self-driving vehicles.

Several factors make CUBE (AUTO) a promising opportunity. The company behind the coin is based in the UK-  a country on the forefront of automated vehicle cybersecurity law. Not to mention, the coin confidently and quickly achieved its early funding goals before the end of its February 2018 ICO.

Fiat and Cryptocurrency Trading for All

OKEx exhibit a stand-out dynamism which makes their competitors look inferior in comparison.

The team’s focus towards continuous improvement is unrivaled. Improvements so far include: the development of back-end technology; improvements to user interface and experience quality; enhancing customer support and rewards; and upgrading trading features and services.

OKEx is available through web browsers, a desktop application, mobile apps (iOS and Android), and a customizable API.

OKEx’s Exceptional Tools of the Trade(r)

Alongside futures trading, the OKEx exchange provides the ability to use leverages to maximize returns and offset risk through hedging.

For the more advanced users, OKEx offers an algorithmic trading suite, allowing automation for tactics such as stop loss. Others include the ability to place trigger, trail, and iceberg orders, in addition to time weighted average price (TWAP) trading.

The company has a strong track record of frequently giving away vast amounts of currency to both the new and long-term members of their site. A recent example is the reward incentive scheme surrounding customer investment and trading in their proprietary (global utility) token.

It’s called ‘OKB’, and it is posited as a reliable coin for use as an intermediary when trading between different incompatible cryptocurrencies. It launched on the 18th of March this year, and took little to no time to receive it’s winners.

You may have missed your chance this time, but sign up and keep an eye on their webpage for the latest news and competitions on offer!