Project ORB Will Focus On Tradeable Blockchain-based In-game Items

A gaming platform running on blockchain technology sounds like a very novel concept. A joint operation between IndieSquare and Spells of Genesis creator EverdreamSoft has lead to the projection of Project ORB. This platform will go into public beta over the next few days, with an official launch following a few weeks from today.

Revolutionizing Gaming With The Blockchain

One of the drawbacks about games today is how one cannot transfer ownership of assets or in-game items. While it takes a lot of time and effort to complete games and upgrade characters, there is no tangible reward for doing so. Granted, the feeling is improving within the game is priceless, but there is a market out there waiting to be explored.

ORB wants to address this issue, by focusing on tokenized game items on the blockchain. ORBs – can be transferred and traded by players around the world, and they can even be imported into multiple games. With the blockchain, supply of each tradeable asset can be locked, and there will be limited quantities available of every item. Spells of Genesis has been demonstrating these capabilities for quite some time now.

The Book of Orbs will be the mobile application supporting this concept. The application will be made available on both iOS and Android during the beta launch. Through an optimized interface, users can keep track of their blockchain-based in-game assets. Moreover, there will be an integrated marketplace to facilitate the trading of ORBs.

Two games will be supported during the initial stages. Spells of Genesis, which was to be expected, and the to-be-released Force of Will. Both games are trading card-style offerings, with tokenized in-game assets available through the blockchain. Items from either game will be cross-compatible, which should make for an exciting ecosystem.

Onboarding more games will be the critical challenge moving forward. It would make a lot of sense to many game developers to use blockchain technology. Not only will it give games a wider appeal, but it will also add another social layer to gaming in general, Even single-player games can benefit from this technology.

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