PRIVATRIX Monetizes Idle Bandwidth With New Peer-to-Peer Network

For The Last quarter of this year up to the second quarter of 2018, Privatix, a well-renowned company providing VPN services released a plan for its first’ component from the forthcoming Privatix network, Privatix.Agent, to establish the marketplace of bandwidth transactions operated via  blockchain technology, making communications and transactions safer and decentralized.

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When it comes to virtual private network connections, contracts you can purchase are usually sold by monthly subscriptions at high prices; giving poor stability, without assurance that the company won’t keep log-registration or sell user data.  Compounding this, local bandwidth channel companies are pressured to sell overpriced, low-quality services. Alongside this, the average home internet user, only uses a fraction of time from their contracted bandwidth, making them pay for a service which they do not fully utilize. For example, a regular German internet user with 100 Mbps channel which is unused during the day as he’s working, the network ecosystem will allow the user to offer his idle bandwidth to a Chinese user who needs more allocation of internet channel during this time period.

Privatix wants to make this business model more efficient for VPN users, allowing them to safe browse anonymously by the Privatix network, coupled with internet businesses looking for higher quality tools and protection for their operations.

Those interested on finding out how to become part of the project, to chat with the community and learn more about the Privatix network. visit: Users that are less orientated with technology should be aware of the quality of security when they access content by virtual network nodes. Privatix Agent network offers the solution, making APIs free from national laws that often block casual web-users’ navigation, as it secures the connection point-to-point; remaining anonymous and secured.



Q4/2017 – Q2/2018: Privatix Network Core Development

Q4/2018: Additional Proof of Concept (PoC) products and Network

Q4/2019: Privatix Box

The goal of the long-term strategy for the coming years is to manage work through the blockchain, using PRIX tokens. The Privatix.Agent server works through Privatix’s own API (SAPI). More products are to be based on Privatix’s network, for example: Broadcasting products, collection of data in competitor’s website inside of high-quality ecosystems as well as delivering anti-censorship by creating SDKs eliminating the worry from developers in regards to country censorship for mobile APIs or software.

Privatix Box would be the physical block construction of the Network, as the community grows, a hardware device Privatix.Box connects users with an encrypted connection into unprotected Wi-Fi Hotspots providing safe connection over shared via-wifi.

Privatix ICO

The Token-Sale is a live auction by ERC20 ethereum contract, with 20% Bonus up to November 2nd. The ICO has already achieved 20% of the soft cap and the Token sale continues until November 16 at 14:00 UTC. The Total Issue of PRIX is 10,000,000, and the results of the pre-sale were 1610 ETH by early bidders. The Tokens are subjected to the exchange payments of bandwidth by the Privatix.Agent marketplace with transaction fees of up to 1% off the price of the transaction. Further negotiations outside Privatix marketplace will not result in a bandwidth transaction fee. Privatix ICO is rated STABLE + by the rating agency ICORATING.

About Privatrix

Privatix is an established and profitable company founded by a group of experienced IT entrepreneurs and talented developers who are passionate about the freedom of the internet, online security, and the rights of individuals and businesses to privacy protection. The Team has more than 10 years with cyber security experience, VPN services can be used by anyone, anywhere regardless of their level of technical experience.

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