Presenting the Missing Piece of the Global Cryptocurrency Jigsaw Puzzle, A-SDR

The economic landscape is changing. For the first time in history, there is now an elegant simplicity to every exchange and a growing trust in each transaction. However, this newfound status quo is not the result of some newfangled gizmo by a sub-basement type R&D department. Rather, it’s the advent of a revolutionary system for recording, storing, and exchanging information: the blockchain.

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The blockchain’s disruptive disintermediation of services and decentralization of information has finally made it possible for individuals and companies to frictionlessly exchange values without needing to trust some third-party institution, thereby reducing cost and greatly improving speed and efficiency.

2017 will forever be remembered as not only the year this technology went mainstream, but also as the fastest tech acceptance in history. Through blockchain technology, any business or organization can quickly set up and deploy their payment solution ecosystem. However, this ease has brought its own set of challenges — namely, liquidity.

Currently, it is estimated there are over 1600 coins/tokens on the market so far, and  another 1000 scheduled for release in the next few months. With more people holding and utilizing cryptocurrencies, there is arguably a need for a seamless interchanging mechanism between traditional currencies and their new digital counterparts. A-SDR has set out to address this problem.

A-SDR is a new “digital currency basket” operating under the control of a decentralized global management body; the “International Digital Assets Exchange Council” (IDAXC). IDAXC will supervise, facilitate, and curate the exchange of a digital basket comprising three well-known coins and tokens: Bitcoin, Ether, and ACCoin. While Bitcoin and Ether might be the most popular digital assets in the basket, the internal development of ACCoin precedes both.

ACCoin development was based on a unique model that imbibes tokens with the ability to hold rights to underlying assets, (both tangible, like land, and intangible, like financial paper), making it the first internally developed, Asset-backed cryptocurrency. This set it apart from most cryptocurrencies on the market by having its value pegged to a physical asset thereby dramatically reducing volatility. ACCoin developers also foresaw the need for developing an ecosystem for their coin in order to achieve their goal. The ecosystem will not only allow them to capture and monitor the underlying asset, but also facilitate easy liquidity between the digital and physical asset states. This foresight enabled them develop intuitive and innovative mechanisms for the seamlessly movements and conversions of these digital assets from one state to the other and vice versa, making ACCoin the most versatile digital asset developed.

Leveraging its anchor with ACC (ACCoin), BTC and ETH, A-SDR Fund aims to become the leading global mechanism for digital asset distribution and settlement. This ambition distinguishes ACCoin from the rest, effectively making it the first standard digital currency, with the capability of global digital asset exchange & settlement.

A-SDR has created the “Exchange Rate Index” within the its Digital currency basket, establishing a defined-value Exchange & Settlement standard linking fiat to digital assets for the first time. This will ultimately become a “true bridge” to traditional financial systems, opening cryptocurrency consumption to financial institutions.

So far, over 100 banks globally have launched digital asset exchange & settlement systems that will constitute the beginning of a global digital asset Exchange & Settlement network. A-SDR plans to be the anchor of this network.

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