Premium Domain Names are Powerful

What’s in a name? The amount of care that goes into marketing and branding your company name should also be spent on considering what is the best domain name that you can afford. Often, a premium branded domain is already registered by someone else, especially of the dot com variety. Many companies have spend a serious amount of money to get such names – take the case where was picked up and then sold in 2019 for $30 million in cash!

Are domains really that valuable? Yes, when you consider that the right words match the search intent of your target market, it gives you a tremendous leg up against the competition. When you add vanity numbers that people are able to remember the words in them, it is an all the more compelling package.

Learn more about the true power that a premium domain name does for your web presence, and SEO Google search engine ranking positioning through the visual deep dive below, courtesy of

The Power of a Premium Domain Name