Pornhub Launches a Free VPN Service to Bypass Internet Censorship

Internet censorship has become a major problem over the past few years. Despite more and more people getting connected to the internet, it is still nearly impossible to access most information without encountering some form of restriction. As such, users often have to rely on third-party services, including VPNs, smartDNS solutions, and specialized browsers. Pornhub is now making its mark on the VPN industry.

Why Does Pornhub Now Offer a VPN?

On paper, the last thing anyone expected from Pornhub was to see the company develop its own way of bypassing internet censorship to make online information accessible. Even so, Pornhub is a technology company in every possible way, and thus it only made sense that they would explore new options when the time was right.

Its newest solution is known as VPNHUB. It is an application for mobile and desktop which helps users bypass ISP throttling, geographic limitations, and so forth. Moreover, the company claims information can be transmitted anonymously and that it will not be collected. Whether or not that will indeed be the case remains to be seen.

It is evident the Pornhub VPN seemingly works as advertised. The firm acknowledges very few solutions exist to keep information from prying eyes in this day and age. Browsers are ill-equipped to handle this reality, and the use of public Wi-Fi networks isn’t helping matters much either. Using a VPN is almost the new normal, even though very few completely free solutions exist.

For the time being, the Pornhub VPN solution will work on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. It is unclear if Linux support will be added in the future, although it seems safe to assume that it will be. At the same time, Linux is a smaller community these days, and thus it makes sense for the company to pay attention to the platforms which are most commonly used.

There is one caveat, though, as this VPN will not be available in select regions. They include parts of the world such as Myanmar, Syria, and North Korea, among other places. Some countries may block this solution, as the governments of Egypt and China have taken aggressive measures to ban all VPN activity over the past few years.

While a free service does exist, there is a premium option to remove any and all advertisements as well. For the price of $12.99 per month, users will have an ad-free internet experience and be able to select multiple countries from which to connect. Free users can only access the server nearest to them, which is always a cause for concern. People tend to prefer free VPN services which can give them access to a US-based server first and foremost.

Whether or not there will be much interest in Pornhub’s VPN service remains to be determined. It is always good to have more options at one’s disposal, even if they are only available in a limited manner. With a subscription model in place, it remains to be seen if users will opt for the paid option. Bringing more privacy and anonymity to internet users can only be considered a good thing, assuming Pornhub will not collect user data in the process.