PopChest CEO To Speak About Bitcoin’s Role in Media Publishing at IDEAS Los Angeles

Founder and CEO of Santa Monica-based video micropayment platform PopChest, Valerian Bennett, will be speaking at the IDEAS Los Angeles media conference about the role of blockchain technology and digital currencies in the entertainment industry.

Valerian, who is a veteran TV show producer and documentary filmmaker, sees a future where content producers are directly rewarded for their work by the viewers themselves, cutting out the advertisers in the process. Valerian’s media platform, PopChest, allows video producers to charge viewers a small amount of bitcoin for every viewing.

As Valerian says in his latest blog post:

“A tiny percentage of a publisher’s regular audience converted to paying just a few cents has a massive effect.”

In his presentation at IDEAS Los Angeles – an event attended by prominent Hollywood executives, producers and media companies – Valerian will outline how the industry can embrace, as well as profit, from the advent of digital currencies, “For the first time, Bitcoin will be part of the conversation.” writes Valerian.

The PopChest CEO firmly believes that fully transparent media royalty systems will replace the legacy business model, where advertisers play a dominant role in the financing of most media productions.

Last week, in one of his Reddit posts, Valerian announced the integration of Chromecast into the PopChest video platform, which makes the viewing experience much smoother for Android mobile users, “This is the first step towards an open, global, bitcoin-powered television network. Think YouTube without ads and Netflix without subscriptions.” wrote Valerian.
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