Poloniex Adds Support for The DAO Token Sale

Poloniex, the popular Cryptocurrency exchange announced today its support of The DAO token sale, allowing the trade of Ether for The DAO Tokens, the announcement was made in anticipation of the coming increase in the price of the tokens in may 14th.

Poloniex just enabled the possibility of purchasing The DAO tokens through their website, customers will be greeted with a very friendly interface that allows them to buy DAO tokens and send them to one of the customer’s Poloniex accounts or to an external address.

The DAO or -Decentralized Autonomous Organization- is a revolutionary concept  that enables anyone in the world  to create their own autonomous organization on the Ethereum blockchain, the first DAO to be released to the public has now gathered 5.57 Million Ether, which accounts for approximately  $57 million at the current Ether price.

The DAO token sale has been ongoing for some days now, and will end on May 28. To purchase DAO tokens one must send ether to the provided address on the project’s website, the ether cannot be sent directly from an exchange address, however, several major cryptocurrency exchanges announced the support for The DAO token sale, like Bity, Bittrex, Gatecoin, and now Poloniex.

These exchanges make people’s lives easy, as users don’t need to set up a proper full Ethereum account to participate on the crowdsale, of course, an argument can be made about the real ownership of an account to which you don’t have its private keys, but the truth is, some final users don’t want the hassle of going through the account creation process.

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