Play2Live Announces an Eight-Man Hearthstone Tournament

It does not happen all that often that blockchain and eSports come together in a meaningful manner. Play2Live is trying to shake things up by hosting a virtual Hearthstone tournament in the coming days. Eight players will participate in this event, which will be streamed to users all over the world. It is another indication that blockchain technology can make interesting things happen.

Hearthstone and Play2Live Come Together

It is pretty interesting to see how Play2Live is trying to make a name for itself in the gaming industry. For those readers who are unaware of what this platform does, it is a decentralized streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans. It employs blockchain technology to create a more immersive ecosystem for all participants. Interaction among viewers, players, and broadcasters is encouraged through a wide range of monetization options.

While such platforms may hold a lot of merit, it will be difficult for such ventures to gain any traction. Most people associate eSports and game streaming with household names such as Twitch. Additionally, there are plenty of live streaming options on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so forth. It is a very difficult market to enter, but Play2Live is trying to make a positive impact.

Their first order of business is hosting an interactive Hearthstone tournament. In the world of gaming and eSports, Hearthstone has quickly become a major brand. These tournaments stand to attract a lot of viewers and interested parties who may wish to use the Play2Live platform in the future. Eight players will participate in the upcoming tournament. Although the participants have not been announced as of yet, the company claims that well-known players will take part.

It is not the first time Play2Live has hosted an eSports tournament. The previous tournament saw $100,000 worth of Level Up Coins distributed to participants. It is unclear how much money players can earn at the Hearthstone tournament, although a similar amount seems plausible. It is another way to raise awareness of Level Up Coins and how they can benefit both streamers and viewers on the Play2Live platform.

Whether or not the upcoming tournament will bring more positive attention to this blockchain-based venture remains to be seen. Organizing tournaments is the right way to go when trying to compete with the existing major players in this industry. It will all depend on who participates and how many viewers tune in. eSports is a booming business right now, and with so many platforms on the market, interesting things are bound to happen sooner or later.