Play Bomberman, Bet Bitcoin

The bitcoin gambling industry is filled with untapped potential for possible niche gambling operations. The young industry and countless benefits of bitcoin make bitcoin gambling the perfect setting for starting something unique. Despite these conditions, the industry has yet to see a skill based gambling site take off. There have been several attempts in the past, most notably Gambit, who recently discontinued bitcoin support, but none of them have succeeded. This may change soon, however, as a new service to offer Bomberman has recently been announced.

Four days ago, a Bomberman clone was announced in the bitcointalk Gambling forum. A user by the name of holorga announced that he has been working on developing a Bomberman clone on his website, bitcoinlab. Holorga made it clear that the site is still in early alpha, and there are still many features planned for the future. The announcement initially received positive support, and the early players it attracted have been actively working with the developer to find and fix potential bugs.

Bomberman is a widely popular player versus player puzzle game. Bomberman typically consists of four players occupying different corners of a rectangular two dimensional maze. The game starts with the maze almost completely filled in with bricks. Players detonate bombs in order to destroy the bricks, collecting power ups along the way. Eventually, players expanded their corners of the maze until they encounter others. The goal of the game is to eliminate the other players by strategically detonating bombs to hit the others. Players are eliminated once a detonation makes contact with their avatar, and the last man standing wins.

There are several reasons why Bomberman is a great choice to incorporate betting. The game was first released in 1983 and has since expanded to over 70 games. As such, a vast majority of gamers are familiar with the explosive maze. It’s also simple, and anyone can jump right into it and see success early on. Despite the simplicity, Bomberman also features a high skill cap. Players need to show a capacity for real time strategy, as well as spacial awareness and planning. There are many variables that go into a game of Bomberman, giving the best players a huge advantage and keeping possible bots from holding an edge over its human competition. Lastly, the game is fast paced. Each game lasts no longer than a couple of minutes, giving players the opportunity to play a lot of games in a short amount of time.

As bitcoinlab is still in early alpha, there is currently no feature for wagering bitcoin. Right now, users start with 5 bitcoins worth of play money to gamble with. When bugs are fixed and the game finished, deposits will be enabled and players will be able to wager set amounts of bitcoin. The site owner has also mentioned that he plans on adding more games in the future, Bomberman is just the first.

If you are interested in a new gambling experience, keep your eye out for Bitcoinlab. Although still early in development, the site has potential to become a promising option for a successful skill based player versus player gambling site in the near future.