Places and Services That Let You Pay With Cryptocurrencies

In 2017, cryptocurrencies became popular and widely used. Bitcoin in particular has reached a value of $20,000 per coin. When this happened, it didn’t take long before businesses started seeing the potential in cryptos and started jumping on the bandwagon.

Many businesses and retailers started allowing cryptocurrencies as a payment option for their customers. However, even today it’s still true that not all major retailers accept cryptocurrency. As a consumer who’d like to purchase goods with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, there are platforms that can help you with that.

There are now sites and apps that can help you locate businesses or retailers that accept crypto as a mode of payment. If you’re not sure what type of local services are using Bitcoin and other cryptos too, then here are some of them.

Fast Food Chains



KFC is one of the first fast food chains that was known to accept Bitcoin. Well, it was KFC Canada that accepted Bitcoin for a bucket, they used BitPay to accept payments for a bucket of chicken. Other food chains also known to have started to accept Bitcoin for payments are Subway and Dominos Pizza.




Even pubs or bars also started to accept cryptocurrency for payments. If you’re in London, Pembury Tavern now accepts Bitcoin. In Australia, Old Fitzroy was known for this. It was quite a development for this pub as it is one of the oldest pubs in the country. In fact, this pub was the first pub that let Australians and even tourists to pay for beer with Bitcoin. This first happened in 2013.

Repair Services



If you suddenly have the need to have something repaired but only have Bitcoins instead of cash, then you’re in luck. There are now services that accept Bitcoin too. 

Whether you need a TV, fridge, or even AC repair, you’ll be lucky to find places that can let you pay them with cryptos upfront or after the service is done. You’d be surprised, but even my mechanic and barber accept Bitcoin for payment. You never know until you ask.

Internet and Cable Providers and Services



One of your utility bills can also be paid with Bitcoin nowadays. In the US, Dish Network already allows their subscribers to pay with cryptos. EZTV, a Torrents TV shows provider, also accept this as payment. When it comes to phone service providers, T Mobile in Poland also has this option too.




It’s easier to share what you have with charities and organizations worldwide now as some of them now accepts cryptos as donations. Some of these organizations are Save the Children and State Republican Party, which is the first to have done this. 




Even some restaurants have also started to accept cryptos like Bitcoin. Some known food place that are known for this are The Pink Cow in Tokyo, Japan and Foodler, a North American restaurant delivery. If you’re somewhere in San Francisco, has a total of 12 restaurants that accept Bitcoin too. 

Now, these are just a few services that you can get with the use of cryptos or Bitcoin. Many people or consumers simply find this efficient and convenient. The use of cryptocurrencies to make payments is just really quicker in terms of processing. 

Payments are made real-time without the hassle of filling out too much information that some even prefer to not share. Since charities or organizations can also accept Bitcoin donations, the people who are willing to send in money can remain anonymous. 

If you travel a lot, the use of cryptos is simply the best way to pay for things. Even your hotel accommodation is something you can pay for with Bitcoin too. Cryptocurrency is basically universal. Which saves you time to have your money exchanged into a different country’s currency in case you travel internationally. 

Another thing that’s also good about the use of cryptos in any transactions is how it could decrease fraudulent activity. This is possible because aside from the crypto or Bitcoin ID, nothing else is required from you to be able to make a payment. 

It’s also very easy to convert your money to Bitcoin. There are now many platforms and exchanges you can use to convert your money to and from various types of cryptocurrencies. There are even decentralized exchanges, which provide even more security for your funds. Converting your money to BTC won’t really take long either. If you need other cryptocurrencies, don’t worry as BTC is usually the start of conversion. 


It’s possible that many more retailers and services will start to incorporate cryptocurrency in what they do. After all, the value of a Bitcoin is still doing good even if it has been quite some time since its peak at $20,000 per coin. The bottom line is that cryptocurrency will be around for a long time and so it’s just really likely that even major businesses will use and accept them.