Chilax Is The 51st Retailer Joining The Arnhem Bitcoincity Initiative

The Netherlands remain a hotbed for Bitcoin adoption and awareness, most noticeable due to projects such as Arnhem Bitcoincity.This initiative started out with one thing in mind : convincing as many retailers in the city of Arnhem as possible to start accepting Bitcoin payments both in-store and online. At this point in time, there are 51 participating locations, and more get added on a regular basis.

Chilax – The Latest Addition To Arnhem Bitcoincity

Reaching the milestone of 50 merchants was a cause for major celebration among Bitcoin enthusiasts in Arnhem and the rest of the country. No one expected this much of a success at such an early stage in the project, but a bit of good will, a lot of hard work and sheer determination are already paying dividends. And the party has only just begun.

Earlier this week, Chilax – a place where you can get relaxing massages among other things – joined the list of merchants in Arnhem who accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Judith Hulnink, who owns and runs Chilax, was in attendance during the Media Villa presentation, which focused on the people behind the Arnhem Bitcoincity initiative.

Even though Ms. Hulnink was already aware of Bitcoin and the huge community supporting this disruptive digital currency, she wasn’t convinced about its potential for her own business just yet. However, after that Media Villa presentation, she decided to take the plunge and started accepting Bitcoin payments for services rendered. After all, why not invest in your own health and relaxation with Bitcoin?

Pressure point massages are the focal point for Chilax’s services. Don’t be mistaken in assuming Chilax is just another massage parlor, as the company focuses on helping business in need. In saying so, we mean that Chilax helps business to counter absenteeism, and also helps with stimulating people’s physiological attitude at work. As most of you will know, we take on the oddest positions while sitting or standing at work, most of which are far from healthy for your body.

Furthermore, Chilax also specializes in Facial Rejuvenation (also known as cosmetic Acupuncture), which revolves around making people look 5-15 years younger than they actually are. Facial rejuvenation is Mother Earth’s natural counter for facelifts and botox, and helps people to find their inner balance as they experience some “quality me-time”.

Chilax is the 51st participant of Arnhem Bitcoincity, and the second massage-oriented business to do so. Jos Zwaan – a massage therapist in the city of Arnhem – decided to accept Bitcoin as a payment method a while ago. One more similarity between Mr. Zwaan and Chilax : they both use BitKassa in order to process Bitcoin payments.

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